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KDE PO Thumbnailer

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by nihui
kde-thumbnailer-po is a preview image generator plugin for gnu gettext translation and gettext translation template. It depends on gettext library. green --- translated blue --- fuzzy red --- untranslated yellow --- obsoleted You can change the color settings from configuration...
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Apr 17 2012

Simple CPU Sensor

Plasma 4 Extensions by alexoleshkevich
The most AWESOME CPU sensor for KDE 4! For real people who likes simplicity! Just shows temperature value without annoying decorations and animations. That's it. FEATURES: * Supports configurable overheat alerts. * Designed to be embedded into panels. * provides basic...
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May 13 2014

Luna QML

Plasma 4 Extensions by glad
This plasmoid is entirely written in QML + JavaScript. This plasmoid displays the current phase of the moon. If you click on it, a dialog appears which shows the dates of the important moon phases in the same month (last new moon, first quarter, full moon, third quarter and next new moon)....
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Jul 31 2013

Minimal Clock

Plasma 4 Extensions by flak37
A minimalistic clock with configurable font and text color. Font in the screenshot (optional) : [url][/url] Wallpaper in the screenshot : [url][/url] Blog...
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Apr 15 2013

Lock keys controller

Plasma 4 Extensions by mous16
Plasmoid to view and toggle Caps Lock and Num Lock state. It has two display mode, one for who prefers a big, clear plasmoid, and one for who wants to place it in a small space. It's written in QML+JavaScript, so it requires at least KDE-4.8 .
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Jul 20 2012

Mini Player

Plasma 4 Extensions by Emdek
Advanced media player for Plasma which lets you to listen to your favorite music and watch videos directly on your desktop. Developed and tested on KDE 4.8 with Qt 4.8 (Kubuntu 12.04). [b]Warning![/b] Video output has inverted colors with older versions of [i]GStreamer[/i] backend (which is...
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Jul 01 2012

Yet Another Window Control

Plasma 4 Extensions by csslayer
I'm not quite satisfied with the "current app control" in plamsa-netbook, so I pull the code and add some more new small feature that I really want to it. - Minimize Button - Show/Hide window title, Show/Hide icon, every button. - Drag from widget and move window - Enable borderless...
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May 08 2012

Clementine Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions by tuxcanfly
This is a plasma applet for clementine. Yes, I know about the Now Playing applet, but this one shows cover art too. Requires `python-simplejson` to be installed. Follow the development at: [url][/url]
kde plasma plasma-4 linux extension unix widget
Jan 09 2012

Flux / Redshift Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions by diegc
Auto-adjusts monitor brightness based on your location and day time. Uses Flux or Redshift. F.lux: [url][/url] Redshift: [url][/url]
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Aug 23 2011


Plasma 4 Extensions by dmakovey
Simple plasmoid similar to command-line "tail -f" command - tracking changes in files and notifying about new lines. Main goal was to track /var/log/emerge.log on Gentoo linux, but it functions just as well for any other file. this version is almost complete: basic functionality is...
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Apr 28 2011