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Cyan-Alien Manjaro Edition

Conky by cyvain87
Simple top corner system conky designed for 1080 screen, originally intended as an alternative to the cyanogen theme system widget which wasn't the right layout for my partners desktop setup. Derived from Devious Plots Inc's Cyanogen-system as included with...
alien conky cyanogen extension linux manjaro unix
Apr 24 2019

UI Screen

Conky by Met
video: Resolution: 1920x1080 install: lm-sensors settings: sudo sensors-detect cpufrequtils hddtemp settings: sudo chmod u+s /usr/sbin/hddtemp jq curl Install fonts in the ~/Conky/font folder Run: ./conky_start
unix linux kubuntu conky conky-lua extension
Dec 31 2018

Modern-VSM Clock Conky

Conky by Markospoko
Modern-VSM Clock is a slightly-weighty futuristic clock for smart people like you who appreciate slick UIs =) Don't be shy, give it a try, hesitation isn't good for you, trust me, I'm a doctor ;-). I believe in you capability to download and set it up, after all what have you got to lose, if...
linux modern unix extension desklet conky clock
Jan 17 2019

Conky Dex

Conky by AhmedRsami
if don't work [font] 1- copy [font] to /usr/share/fonts/[NewFolder] 2- run conky [Administrator] sudo conky -c ~/.conky/Conky_Dex_2
extension conky unix linux
Nov 28 2017


Conky by 0i0
A minimal conky
extension conky linux unix
Oct 08 2017

Conky Basic MkII (Interactive)

Conky by Moob
This Conky widget draws a Basic Conky interactive interface to display system information. By means of mouse clicks or drag-and-drop the layout and contents of the widget can be changed. NOTE Keep in mind that Conky cycles every x second. So, you have to wait one Conky cycle before you see an...
unix extension conky linux
Sep 13 2017

Conky Basic

Conky by Moob
Conky Basic displays only the most basic information about your system. In the lua file you can change the color scheme used by Conky Basic, show all CPU cores or not and set a battery alert level. You can also choose what to display, only CPU, storage, memory , details about storage...
extension conky unix linux
Sep 11 2017

Conky Big Graph

Conky by autocrosser1
So here's another one for everyone to play with..modify as needed--If you use parts of it..just credit me. Drop the .fonts into your home & start Conky the way you normally would. You might need to change spacing depending on how your fonts display. For Quad CPUs...Mod the Disk area to...
conky extension unix linux
Aug 09 2017

Conky Meteo Lune French

Conky by jbaseb
[b]Pour "Conky-all" version égale ou inférieure à 1.9.0-4 To "Conky-all" equal to or less version 1.9.0-4 Link for Icons theme : Link for Images panel theme : [/b] j'ai enfin terminé mon conky meteo+lune (un mél...
unix linux conky extension
Jan 17 2017

Conky Dials

Conky by Moob
Conky Dials displays your system information by means of analogue dials. This conky is designed for a resolution of 1920x1080 and displays its content at the top of your screen. If you use a different resolution not all content might be visible, depending on the number of displayed...
unix conky extension linux
Dec 13 2016