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Various KDE Stuff by Douglish
This task timer is inspired by task timer plasmoid ( It's for measuring how long you spend doing some task. It uses sqlite as storage.
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Jan 08 2011


Various KDE Stuff by binro
Hebe is a new KDE 4.5 front-end GUI for the Hercules z/Arch emulator. It was designed to have a modern look, like the VirtualBox interface; there are no dials! Hebe provides two consoles, one for Hercules and one for the SCP (system control program), AKA, the operating system. Input is...
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Nov 09 2010


Various KDE Stuff by murphi
KDE program to mange recipes and shooping lists. Right now editing of recipes is possible. The file format of the recipes is RecipeXML, but this will change in the future to allow more information. Still in an very early development status.
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Jan 31 2010


Various KDE Stuff by ahaq
An islamic prayer times plasmoid with an innovative look
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Dec 26 2009

Amarok2Cover for anyRemote

Various KDE Stuff by Fenix-TX
Script for anyRemote with cover support. Requires: qdbus and imagemagick Installation: Copy my file to /usr/share/anyremote/cfg-data/Server-mode/ Buttons: 1: Volume- 2: Mute 3: Volume+ 4: Preview 5: Play 6: Next 7: Rewind 8: Stop 9: FF **: Help 0: Pause #: Quit This is...
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Dec 22 2009

Intellibar formerly KWin [idea]

Various KDE Stuff by VectoR
The problem with the previous concept was, that having a left aligned window with a titlebar on it's left side, it would be more comfortabe to have the title bar on the right. But having the title bar on the right is not the best for right-aligned windows. So it would be nice to have an...
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Oct 30 2009


Various KDE Stuff by cleitonfelix
Bibliotehk is a program for reading documentation, tutorials and reviews, whether offline or online. The program uses the module QtWebKit the PyQt4 to reading the html files, with which the program works. Currently, the program is available only in Brazilian Portuguese and the documentation is...
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Oct 19 2009

Brasillinux Desktop

Various KDE Stuff by lhamas
The Brasillinux Desktop RC6 is a customized version of the official Debian Lenny 5:02 PT-BR, including programs such as; BROffce 3.0, Gimp 2.6, Remastersys adapted for Debian etc.. The purpose of this customization is to provide the possibility of building's installable live CD containing a...
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Oct 13 2009


Various KDE Stuff by earendilfr
Just a change from the Plasma application "plasma-mpc 0.2" for compatibility with new KDE API. See Test on Archlinux.
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Sep 01 2009

Desktop Integration plugin for aMSN

Various KDE Stuff by isma
This is a plugin for aMSN that change some default tcl/tk dialogs and some properties to the KDE or GNOME default ones. Currently supported dialogs are: Open File, Save As, Info Boxes and Yes-No Questions. It makes it possible to find better the file you're looking for, see thumbnails, use...
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Aug 09 2009