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Grouping Desktop

Plasma 4 Extensions by giucam
This is an activity containment that adds to the desktop the ability to group your widgets inside frames in various arrangements. Currently there is a group that layouts the widgets inside a grid, one that puts them in a stack, one that puts them in tabs and one that leaves them free to move....
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Jul 24 2010

The Only Right RAM Monitor

Plasma 4 Extensions by matemaciek
Small graph, showing stacked memory - application, buffered and cached. Refresh time can be configured. installation from file: plasmapkg -i the-only-right-ram-monitor.plasmoid I've been looking for it for some time (system monitor in kde3 could stack graphs, kde4 seems to can't do it )-:...
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Jun 22 2010

GnoMenu Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions by Whise
GnoMenu plasmoid allows the use of gnomenu on kde you required gtk libs and GnoMenu installed (i recomend the bzr last version)
widget unix linux plasma-4 plasma kde extension
May 23 2010

KWin Button Applet

Plasma 4 Extensions by majewsky
This applet emulates a button from the window title of the currently active window. The following actions are available: * Window menu: Clicking on the applet will bring up the window menu for the current window. * Iconify: Clicking the applet iconifies the current window. * Maximize:...
linux plasma-4 plasma kde extension widget unix
Mar 25 2010

IP Adress Monitor

Plasma 4 Extensions by Ireyon
A plasma widget that displays your IP address. Best placed in a panel. It currently has no special features, not even a configuration dialog or a log. (May be added by someone). Requires the curl command line tool as it reads its output. It also displays "No connection" if there really is...
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Jan 14 2010


Plasma 4 Extensions by Vistausss
A little plasmoid to display the Mobile version of the Dutch Ubuntu Forum: [i]This plasmoid is based on the Facebook plasmoid: Thank you Ferenc Nagy![/i] [b]How do I install this...
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Aug 20 2009


Plasma 4 Extensions by nferenc
Facebook plasmoid is a simply webview showing the iPhone version of Facebook. It's written in Python by following the excellent tutorial on techbase: [i]INSTALL: plasmapkg -i[/i]
extension unix widget plasma plasma-4 kde linux
Aug 14 2009

msn messenger plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions by tomatz
Msn (Windows live messenger) client for plasma. Using A great big thanks goes to "nferenc" for his facebook plasmoid which i used as a template to make this (my first) plasmoid. To install, download and: plasmapkg -i messenger.plasmoid (you may need to rename the...
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Jun 13 2009


Plasma 4 Extensions by mherbert
This is a small applet designed for the panel to have quick access to the most used folders. Hints for the Drag and Drop support: you can open the dialog by hovering for 1 sec over the applet. The same way you can navigate through the directory tree, simply stay 1 sec over a folder/the...
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Aug 03 2008