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CPUMeter-based SpeedoClockScreenlet

Conky by sedaTurca
This is a changed version of ElegantBrit theme based on Anders Storhaug's CPUMeterScreenlet. created with Inkscape on Ubuntu 10.10. Just open the Screenlets Manager and find the Clock Screenlet and choose "add new theme" option from the left pane. Brought you by sedaTurca.. :)
linux unix extension conky
Dec 17 2010

Facebook Notifier

Conky by BlackCase
Facebook Notifier is a simple screenlet for reading Facebook notifications , with the ability to visit the Facebook site, opening the right event notified. - In this version the screenlet can just visualize notifications, but I think I will add even friend requests, messages and other stuff, in...
extension conky linux unix
Oct 25 2010

Weather Screenlet

Conky by storhaug3
This is a "re-make" of the latest weather screenlet created by Helder Fraga (Whise) and robgig1088. Only minor improvements have been made to the code. Most of the work put into this release is in themes. Thanks goes to Nemanja Jovicic for creating this screenlet. Weather icons in the default...
extension conky linux unix
Feb 18 2009