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AudioThumbs 5

Various Plasma 5 Improvements by anthonyfieroni
Preview of embed album art in audio file for Dolphin 5. NOTE: It will be part of kio-extras 17.04 Supported format mp3, flac, mp4, ape, wavpack, mpc, aif, wav If you wants support of other audio type - contact me. You will need to compile from source to use this plugin in...
unix extension linux plasma plasma-5 kde
Mar 14 2017

Firefox addon for kwallet KDE5

Various Plasma 5 Improvements by gmolina
by a master password. With this extension you are able to use KWallet instead of the default Firefox password
plasma plasma-5 kde linux extension unix
Jul 11 2016

Blured screenshot as screenlock BG

Various Plasma 5 Improvements by qwe12421
Script for Plasma 5 which takes screenshot, when you lock screen, blures it and makes it the lockscreen background. Dependencies: scrot, imagemagic Installation: 1. Locate your kscreenlocker_greet file .(mine is /usr/lib/kscreenlocker_greet). 2. Rename it to...
unix extension linux kde plasma-5 plasma
Sep 28 2015