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RussX Conky Weather Date System

Conky by newfierussell
RussX Conky Weather Date System A mixed bag of nuts. Something put together from various other conky set-ups to create my own thing. Works best on 1920 x 1080 screen size. Some light knowledge of conky maybe required. I put all the files needed tin the tar file. Hope you like...
unix extension conky linux
Jul 10 2013

The Danger Pack with Wallpaper and Conky

Conky by dj-jesse
Breaking Bad. Walter White (Heisenberg) The Danger Pack with Wallpaper and Conky. Quote ( Walter White ) You clearly don't know who you're talking to, so let me clue you in. I am not in danger, Skyler. I am the danger. A guy opens his door and gets shot, and you think that of me? No! I am...
linux extension conky unix
Jul 03 2013

Breaking Bad Conky Pack with Wallpapers

Conky by dj-jesse
My Updated Breaking Bad Tweaked out conky with all needed wallpapers and conky Configs. Let me know if you need help on this one. Enjoy!! Quote You are a wealthy man now. One must learn to be rich. To be poor, anyone can manage. Conky &...
conky extension unix linux
Jul 03 2013

Purple and Gold

Cairo Clock by nailpounder
Purple and Gold clock based upon the Cairo-Clock Radium theme. Installation: Unpack folder to: usr/share/cairo-clock/themes
unix linux cairo-clock extension
Jun 20 2013

Steampunked Nixie Digital Clock

Conky by pendragon1966
Customization of DigitalClock by Nemanja Jovicic what I did was the theme and some code modification so it would display everything how and where I want it to. It is no longer compatible with the other themes for this screenlet.
conky extension linux unix
May 16 2013

Steampunked SenseDigitalClock v3

Conky by pendragon1966
Second customization of the SenseDigitalClock screenlet, this time it is a flip-flop clock, with the mechanism visible; it is not compatible with the older themes nor with my other version of the screenlet.
linux unix extension conky
May 14 2013


Conky by tuxkernel
Conky_Halo by Tuxkernel. Installation: 1.- Download Conky Halo Theme 2.- Untar Conky Halo Theme 3.- Rename Conky Halo folder to .Conky 4.- Go to .Conky/halo/fonts and install all truetype fonts (Double click) 5.- Copy .Conky folder in /home/YOURUSERNAME/ 6.- Go to Menu...
unix conky extension linux
May 06 2013


Conky by Xenith
A Jalali calendar Screenlet based on the TodayCalender screenlet. The GUI shows jalali today calendar in persian.
extension conky linux unix
Mar 29 2013

Impressions - Wallpapers for Handhelds

Various Gnome Stuff by rvc-2011
Wallpapers created for Handhelds in the Impressions series... Individual download links provided. Each link contains a RAR file containing 8 wallpapers covering all resolutions for a hand held device. Thank you for your preview / download
unix extension gnome linux
Mar 07 2013


Conky by Whise
This screenlet was not made by me author johoe
extension conky linux unix
May 30 2012