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Universal Plasmoid Installer

Plasma 4 Extensions by patkoscsaba
Universal Plasmoid Installer (upi) is a bash script to help you install plasmoids. INSTALLATION: - untar it somewhere in your PATH or anywhere else - make shure it is executable USAGE: Usage: upi su_mode Where su_mode is one of: --su if you want to use su to gain root...
extension unix widget kde plasma plasma-4 linux
Feb 25 2009


Plasma 4 Extensions by iovar
Toggle-Compositing is a little button that you can conveniently put anywhere in your plasma panel or desktop and it allows you to switch with ease, beetween KWin's compositing and traditional mode. Since 0.2.2, it needs KDE 4.2+
extension widget unix linux plasma-4 plasma kde
Jan 29 2009