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Docky dark smoke

Docky Themes by znejk
Made a docky theme to fit my desktop. Nothing fancy.
extension dock docky linux unix
Oct 24 2010


Docky Themes by BassUltra
A Docky theme to go with my Emerald theme. Installation for newbies: 1) Click the anchor on the dock. 2) Click install 3) Find the file "HUDocky.tar" 4) Click Select. 5) You're done!
linux unix dock docky extension
Oct 17 2010

Steel Production - Docky Theme

Docky Themes by BilltJoe
This is the first theme I made for Docky. Or anything as a matter of fact! I think it turned out pretty nicely for a first attempt. I am open to criticism on this one. :)
unix extension dock docky linux
Oct 16 2010

Ambiance & Radiance Docky Themes

Docky Themes by Vortex0965
This is a docky alternative theme to use in Ubuntu 10.04 or Ubuntu 10.10 with the Ambiance and radiance theme. Download the zip file,extract the tar files and then click on Docky install function. Works better with dark background.
linux dock docky extension unix
Sep 28 2010

docky theme

Docky Themes by mormope
docky theme rombo
linux extension dock docky unix
Sep 15 2010

Deep Docky

Docky Themes by seahorsepip
Deep Docky By Seahorsepip Deep(From the deep suite) landed in the world of linux, at our own Docky! Package Includes 3 versions: -Deep Dock 3D Mode -Deep Dock 2D Mode -Deep Dock Panel Mode
linux unix extension dock docky
Sep 03 2010

Docky Categories

Docky Themes by salathaendler
These categories for Docky are as simple as they are beautiful! It's just a bunch of images, as Docky does not support any kind of graphical divider. Just put the images into a folder where they don't bother you and drag them to the right position on your dock. If you have ideas for further...
dock docky extension unix linux
Aug 22 2010

Rock out Docky theme

Docky Themes by giovannirossi
This is my current Docky theme. I want to share it with you. It fits best with 48 Px Icons and 3D background ;) hope you like it and please leave me a comment
dock docky extension linux unix
Jun 01 2010

Finery Docky Theme

Docky Themes by vududevil
This is a docky theme to use in Ubuntu 10.04 with the Finery theme (improved Radiance theme): Download the tar file, click on the Docky icon of the bar, then "install" and select the tar.gz file. Or...
extension dock docky unix linux
May 15 2010


Docky Themes by pingsuters
green theme for docky, its simple....
unix linux dock docky extension
May 08 2010