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Phonon Xine TNG

Various KDE Stuff by mkretz
This is an improved version of the Phonon-Xine backend as shipped with KDE 4.1. It's too late to get it in trunk with the freeze in place which is why I release it separately. difference to KDE 4.1 version: * supports the use of more than one MediaObject in the same process * when unused,...
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Jul 17 2008

Prayer Times Plasmoid

Various KDE Stuff by hesham
This is a Plasmoid that tells Islamic prayer times in KDE 4. It supports being placed on the desktop or on the panel (or both at the same time) and has support for setting different sounds for the Adhan and changing timezones and calculation methods for the prayer times. Comments and...
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Jun 22 2008


Various KDE Stuff by qsn2000
QSocialNetwork can display the relations of different people among each other. Current focus is/was on soap operas - they give the best example of complex social networks ;-) content is provided for "Lindenstrasse", of course you can create your own content. Future implementation entirely...
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Jun 18 2008


Various KDE Stuff by SSJ
KDE4Daily is a self-contained Qemu Virtual Machine providing a comprehensive KDE4 install, bandwidth-efficient updates (hopefully daily) and a system to provide useful backtraces for developers.
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May 26 2008

Metabar White

Various KDE Stuff by homeworld21
themes for Metabar of konqueror
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Mar 26 2008


Various KDE Stuff by toonmuylkens
Note: not all downloads are from Qtrainer0.5.2, some packages are still from older releases Mandriva RPMs can be found here: Qtrainer is a personal home trainer for Qt4.3 or higher. (It runs on KDE3,KDE4,Windows - On linux you need Qt4.3 to be installed) Qtrainer...
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Mar 15 2008


Various KDE Stuff by supertunaman
Qontacts program is a simple addressbook application based on code by John W. Rittinghouse, author of "A Beginner's Guide to Gambas", the book from which the code was taken. The original code had a few bugs that kept the overall program from functioning properly, so I decided to fix the bugs,...
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Jan 19 2008

konsole 1.6 to 2.0 colorscheme updater

Various KDE Stuff by woodrow
Just a little perl script to convert KDE3 Konsole (i.e. versions up to 1.6.6, extension ".schema
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Jan 13 2008


Various KDE Stuff by revenant
Very simple yet effective MPD ( Music Player Daemon) client. It uses a combination of DBUS calls to KLauncher + mpc executable. Requirements: - Running MPD server - MPC ( MPD command line client) - Running KDE4 Session + Plasma Installation : # Extract the gzip archive...
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Jan 10 2008


Various KDE Stuff by peterh
DesktopBSD aims at being a stable and powerful operating system for desktop users. DesktopBSD combines the stability of [b]FreeBSD[/b], the usability and functionality of [b]KDE[/b] and the simplicity of [b]specially developed software[/b] to provide a system that's easy to use and install....
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Jan 09 2008