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Battery Time

Plasma 5 Applets by Zren
Simple widget to show the percentage and time left of the battery. Always uses a breeze-like battery icon. [b]Options:[/b] * Toggle time left / Toggle percentage / Toggle battery icon. * Configurable colours. * Toggle between "1:09" and "69m" for time remaining. [b]Maybe in the...
linux plasma plasma-5 kde unix widget extension
Aug 30 2017


Conky by PCLynx
A dark conky that looks very nice with the numix theme. Feel free to change whatever you like. Hope you like it!
linux unix conky extension
Apr 11 2016

Fixed CapsLock/NumLock indicator betterlock@entelechy

Cinnamon Applets by Laszcz
Есть в Cinnamon'е полезный для ноутбука апплет — индикатор состояния CapsLock/NumLock, но устанавливается он некорректно и после установки не работает. Причина — в неправильном имени папки с апплетом. Я переименовал папку и нарисовал новые значки, которые хорошо видны как на тёмной, так и на свет...
cinnamon applet extension linux unix
Nov 17 2016

Hyper Plank Theme

Plank Themes by Riccardinhocala
Plank Theme based on ElementaryOs, but it works with every Gnome Desktop that support Plank To Install Plank: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ricotz/docky sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install plank To Install Hyepr Plank: unzip copy Hyper directory in...
linux plank unix extension dock
Nov 16 2016


Plasma 5 Applets by pru
Quick change between left/right hand mouse. This is a QML version/port to KDE5 of Usage: click on the plasmoid icon with the right or left mouse button to set it as the primary button. Dependencies to build on Fedora 26: dnf...
extension unix widget plasma plasma-5 linux kde
Jul 30 2017

Vader STAR WARS - Animated Amor Theme

Amor Themes by coolbober
Darth Vader comes to Linux!! Join Dark side ;) Darth Vader can walk on your desktop now! Use this AMOR theme. Copy pics folder and vaderrc file to /usr/share/kde4/amor Based on Star Wars character and Dan Hollandsworth sprites
extension amor linux unix
Mar 04 2016

Lara Croft - Animated Amor theme

Amor Themes by coolbober
Lara Croft - Animated Amor Theme. Theme based on famous game/movie - Tomb Raider As requested by some, now its time for a lady ;) Author: Bobrowicz Pawel Pictures based on Yin sprites. PLEASE VOTE FOR IT Check on Youtube how it...
linux unix amor extension
Mar 02 2016

Conky Weather+Moon English

Conky by jbaseb
[b]Pour "Conky-all" version égale ou inférieure à 1.9.0-4 To "Conky-all" equal to or less version 1.9.0-4[/b] [b]Change in the name of the icons, so renaming icons weather. Themes ( to copy it to ~/conky/meteo_english/icones/ ) are now in a separate archive. Attached two news links to do...
linux extension conky unix
Feb 17 2016

Mario - Animated Amor theme

Amor Themes by coolbober
Theme for Amor - Mario (from famous Nintendo game). I hope that Youll like it :) Check how it works on youtube! Please vote for it author: Bobrowicz Pawel
unix extension amor linux
Feb 04 2016

Wolverine - Animated Amor Theme

Amor Themes by coolbober
This is Wolverine theme for Amor. This is very, veeery young theme so be nice and dont give me bad opinion of this theme ;) Wolverine now only now how to stand in one position, move forwards and backwords. In the future Wolverine will learn more things. Enjoy it! I hope that You...
unix amor extension linux
Jan 11 2016