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Cpu Frequency Selector Ruby

Plasma 4 Extensions by 0xDeadC0de
"sudo chmod +s /usr/bin/cpufreq-set" Requires KDE 4.2, cpufreq-utils and cpufreq modules. Multi-cpu support. Fits into plasma better. Change CPU governor and frequency. More compatible. Note: You can change the UI if you think the default popup ui is ugly. Check out the examples, Just set...
linux plasma-4 plasma kde extension widget unix
May 01 2010

Eee plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions by cfraz89
This is a simple applet for monitoring and controlling the state of the EeePC's peripherals: -Card Reader -Webcam -Wireless -Bluetooth This is mainly useful to save battery power, eg by turning off the radios when they're not used. Complete with nice little tooltips. Simply click on...
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Jul 05 2009


Plasma 4 Extensions by grissiom
This is a plasmoid that only display the CPU frequency. It's mostly inspired by "ruby-cpufreq" but simpler. It is better to add to a panel that can inform you about cpu frequency conveniently. If you want cpu scaling, try powerdevil, it's more powerful. Install: plasmapkg -i...
extension widget unix linux plasma-4 plasma kde
Mar 19 2009