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Plasma 5 Applets by G-virus
A simple plasmoid which provides current rates for currencies based on URLs list specified by user.
widget unix extension linux kde plasma plasma-5
Jan 15 2018

Litecoin Price Plasmoid

Plasma 5 Applets by MakG
Plasma applet showing the current price of Litecoin from various markets to choose from. The plasmoid can also convert the price to a desired currency. ## Installation ``` plasmapkg2 -i litecoin-price.plasmoid ``` Use additional `-g` flag to install plasmoid globally, for all...
linux kde plasma plasma-5 extension unix widget
Sep 16 2017

Feedreader Tray Icon

Plasma 5 Applets by Naraku
This is a simple plasma applet for KDE Plasma 5 which provides a system tray icon for Feedreader, a popular RSS reader. Feedreader you can finde here: It Feedreader is not installde, this widget is useless! For more details and installation...
akregator extension feedreader linux plasma-5 rss plasma news kde unix tray widget
Aug 18 2018


Plasma 5 Applets by renn0xtek9
HexBitDec A very simple widget to convert positive integer between decimal, hexadecimal and binary representation
widget unix extension plasma-5 plasma linux kde
Feb 25 2018


Plasma 5 Applets by Mazoon
A web shortcut, with a preview, on the desktop. As inspired by N900, N9, SailfishOS et al. At last a QML version for Plasma 5. Simpler than before, but might still contain bugs. Also supports urls dragged on desktop. Update July 2017: I did some improvements on this months ago but never quite...
linux plasma plasma-5 kde extension unix widget
Jul 28 2017

Plasma Folderlist

Plasma 5 Applets by Naraku
This is a simple plasma applet for KDE Plasma 5 to display a list of folders for quick navigation. There is no other functionality than open a directory. The official folder view is more complex and provides more features, but the ui is too cluttered if you just want to display directory...
directory folder extension unix widget plasma plasma-5 kde linux
Jun 03 2018

CodeShip Monitor

Plasma 5 Applets by Naraku
This is a simple plasmoid for KDE Plasma 5. It shows the build status of your latest codeship builds. Installation plasmapk2 -i codeshipDirectory
extension linux plasma plasma-5 kde unix widget
May 25 2017


Plasma 5 Applets by llucas
This is just a very simple modification of the default plasma pager. It shows itself on the panel even if there is only one virtual desktop.
widget unix extension plasma plasma-5 kde linux
Jan 09 2017

WebView test

Plasma 5 Applets by kinta
Plasmoid to test webview qml type. ( made JUST to report a bug )
unix widget extension linux plasma plasma-5 kde
Dec 08 2014