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conky max 5

Conky by jerusalem
Description: Based on Conky by CAYMUS Modified by jerusalem To install: copy hidden directory .conky in your home directory and run the command: conky -c ~/.conky/conkyrc_10 To work correctly is required: 1. lm-sensors and hddtemp
extension conky linux unix
Aug 06 2012


Conky by caezsar
Conky-Cool with a new look and more stuff showing! INSTALL: 1.unrar the conky-cool.tar.gz 2.copy the conky-cool folder /home/your username / 3.afer copying the folder conky-cool to your home folder add a dot "." before the name of folder to make'it invisible!(.conky-cool) Ctrl+h...
conky extension unix linux
Jul 26 2012

pipboy conky

Conky by terminhell
Pipboy for your conky! I'm open for anyone to improve upon this lol.
unix linux extension conky
Jul 22 2012

Conky Overloaded

Conky by tuxkernel
Conky Overloaded v1.0 by Tuxkernel Based in Blue Vision v0.2 Alpha Rainmeter Interfaces Enjoy it! Greatings! Tuxkernel ... Vote please, please, please! Of course, your comments are welcome! Feel totally free to make your modifications what you needs
extension conky unix linux
Jul 07 2012

Conky Tech-Mon

Conky by tuxkernel
Conky Tech-Mon v1.0 This theme includes: * Angelical White * Astral Aqua * Mars Red * Nova Yellow * Plasma Purple * Quasar Blue * Terra Green Enjoy them! Greatings! Tuxkernel ... Vote, please! of course, comments are welcome!
unix linux conky extension
Jul 04 2012

conky color

Conky by darek
conky color on Ubuntu 12.04 - wifi/wlan/ppp0 changes to start and end by itself - astro signes in conky - transmission scipt in conky - emerald: - big image here:...
unix extension conky linux
May 23 2012

conky green

Conky by darek
Conky under Linux Mint 12 Mocp with transparency You will find in conkyV weather with some examples. Remember to find your town on and put in the code. ConkyH it's a simple todo example in another conky. Remember to change the location of your file todo.txt so to...
conky extension linux unix
May 16 2012

Conky 2 max

Conky by jerusalem
You can hide and unhide the conky by clicking on the shortcut How to config this conky: 1- copy .conky to your home folder. 2- right click on conky => Properties => command =>/home/max/.conky/pop then change max to your username. 3- install the conky_symbols_by_wiltur-d3ij3mi...
linux unix conky extension
Apr 27 2012

Master_User Conky

Conky by MasterUser
My first conky script. To Use it you need * ATI proprietary video driver (fglrx) too see GPU speed, fan speed etc. * lsb_release for some linux distribution info. * whoami, uname, sensors You can change the feeds if you replace the string...
unix extension conky linux
Mar 25 2012

eigenCal - Calendar Screenlet

Conky by eigenstil
This is a simple Calendar-Screenlet. You can specify a *.ics-file and it will show the dates for today, tomorrow and the days after tomorrow. This screenlet is based on the screenlet "NowCalendar" by helder fraga a.k.a. whise, which you can find here:...
linux unix extension conky
Mar 01 2012