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Various KDE Stuff by earendilfr
Just a change from the Plasma application "plasma-mpc 0.2" for compatibility with new KDE API. See Test on Archlinux.
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Sep 01 2009

Desktop Integration plugin for aMSN

Various KDE Stuff by isma
This is a plugin for aMSN that change some default tcl/tk dialogs and some properties to the KDE or GNOME default ones. Currently supported dialogs are: Open File, Save As, Info Boxes and Yes-No Questions. It makes it possible to find better the file you're looking for, see thumbnails, use...
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Aug 09 2009


Various KDE Stuff by cornelius
This is an example application being used by the KDE SDK. It's highly experimental and useless right now.
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Jul 23 2009

Navigation plasmoids set.

Various KDE Stuff by jeeperzz
Themable set of navigation plasmoids. Dataengine require configured and started gpsd daemon. Right now 2 widgets are implemented. Compas - just show headding. speedometer - show current speed. Pressing number you can set speed limit. When limit is over - the KDE notification is...
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Mar 23 2009

Send Song ( sript request )

Various KDE Stuff by Kevinjim
Sometimes I listen to music that I wan to share with some of my friend ( other than copyrighted music ). So, I just want to share it. What I have to do? Send an e-mail or ( very convenient ). But I want something within Amarok. I post this as a request to everyone that can right a script...
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Mar 05 2009


Various KDE Stuff by peteblack
[b]Note:[/b] Well there was one more pure Qt release. Next minor release will be a native KDE 4 application (starting from version 0.7). Kisa provides spell checking as you type and displays the result in a small window on your desktop. You can type anywhere, in any window and Kisa will spell...
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Feb 23 2009

KDEmod - KDE on steroids for Arch Linux

Various KDE Stuff by jazztyle
Made by a bunch of KDE enthusiasts, KDEmod is a modular and tweaked package set of the K Desktop Environment that has been optimized for Arch Linux. Our KDE3 packages contain a lot of additional patches for eyecandy and functionality and a slightly enhanced Qt3 installation plus a completely...
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Jan 15 2009

KPowerSave 0.7.3 patch for pretty icons

Various KDE Stuff by mva
Patch for KPowerSave v0.7.3 for using pretty icons. How to use it, and icons theme, which you can see on screenshot - you can download at [url][/url]. Gentoo users can get pathed KPowerSave by adding "rion" overlay ( layman -o...
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Dec 27 2008


Various KDE Stuff by binner
The openSUSE project is a community program sponsored by Novell. Promoting the use of Linux everywhere, provides free, easy access to the world's most usable Linux distribution, openSUSE. openSUSE is the distribution with the best integrated and enhanced KDE desktop.
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Dec 19 2008


Various KDE Stuff by xtremek2008
A few weeks ago someone posted KEyes on and I liked it so much I just HAD to make my own version! So I ported it over to C++ and added some more stuff to it. I sent this program to my friends with their faces on it and they loved it! Here is the program with me and my friends'...
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Nov 20 2008