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Adslgate Conky

Conky by samiuvic
Conky With Tap you can hide and unhide the conky by click on the shortcut =============================== first special thanks for deny26 and iacoporosso for their great work on Minimalis Conky 1.2.1 and...
unix conky extension linux
Feb 24 2012

Elegant Rings Conky

Conky by autocrosser1
Conky Elegant Rings I would like to acknowledge the following authors in providing the material to create this Conky: abuyahya for the Revolutionary Clock: Yirt for some of the code in Conky...
unix linux extension conky
Oct 20 2013


Conky by nale12
Put all files to same folder and edit .lua.lua file 230 line to change path to conky.png image. You also have to edit download and upload section in .lua.lua file to adjust it to your network speed.
linux unix conky extension
Feb 07 2012

nVidia Displays Switcher

Conky by 3lg
An nVidia Displays Switcher Screenlet (Beta) Depends on nvidia-settings (NV CONTROL) and RandR >=1.2 It "works" for me with Ubuntu 11.10 x86_64 Unity 2D/3D and GeForce GT 220M. Please, look at the README in the package! Thanks for testing. You're welcome to report by e-mail at...
linux unix extension conky
Jan 20 2012

Faina Conky

Conky by Shinji01
THE INFORMATION Value of lines, at the left on the rights: 1. It is taken places on a system disk 2. It is taken places on a house disk 3. It is occupied percent of operative memory 4. It is occupied percent swap memories 5. Loading on the processor 6. Processor temperature 7. Speed of...
unix extension conky linux
Jan 13 2012

Myne Black (Lipik Sticky Notes Theme)

Conky by 3lg
Myne Black is a basic black theme for Lipik screenlet
unix conky extension linux
Oct 19 2011

Myne Spring (Lipik Sticky Notes Theme)

Conky by 3lg
Myne Spring is a theme for Lipik screenlet (you can use Purisa Oblique font between 8 and 12 for a better look)
unix extension conky linux
Oct 17 2011


Conky by rcpacheco
For conky rhythmbox-client. Use wallpapers with transparency, because the desktop background secondary color is modified by conkycenter, according to CPU temperature. Default language: English Folders in pkg: fonts,lua, scripts,conky Fonts, wallpaper include too: HandelGotDBol.ttf ...
extension conky unix linux
Sep 29 2011

Conky Comet

Conky by Shinji01
THE INFORMATION: Conky are executed in style of minimalism, therefore I will describe values of some elements. * In the top part the quantity of the spent traffic is shown. Quantity of the information displayed in the form of units of measure. And, it will be displayed only if...
unix linux conky extension
Sep 22 2011

Dream conky

Conky by westkid
unix linux conky extension
Sep 01 2011