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Various KDE Stuff by Yaccin
this script downloads the latest svn-version of KDE4s iconset "oxygen" and installs it to /usr/share/icons (if you enter the root password...) and then deletes the ~/oxygen folder. if you want to keep the folder (for simply updating the icon theme), remove (or comment out) the last line of...
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Jun 12 2007

gentoo splash theme chooser ebuild

Various KDE Stuff by MayC23
This is a gentoo application to choose a gensplash theme. You can choose a theme and it it will make a symlink from this theme to default in /etc/splash. After that it mounts /boot and does the following command: splash_geninitramfs -v -g /boot/fbsplash -r resolution default There is a...
extension kde linux plasma unix
Apr 07 2007


Various KDE Stuff by Gega
KTodo is a todo list manager for KDE and writen in Python with Python-Qt4 . It has got easy installation .
extension kde linux plasma unix
Mar 02 2007

Splashy for Edgy 6.10

Various KDE Stuff by Ruffinius
Dependencies libc6 (>= 2.3.4-1), libdirectfb-0.9-24, libglib2.0-0 (>= 2.8.0), zlib1g (>= 1:1.2.1), lsb-base | lsb Splashy description Download Splashy is a boot splash program that doesn't require patching the Linux kernel. Splashy project paints graphic images directly to...
extension kde linux plasma unix
Feb 21 2007


Various KDE Stuff by McMayer
Id3Tag easy audio modifier
extension kde linux plasma unix
Feb 10 2007


Various KDE Stuff by mdl
This is an idea of organizing things in KDE. Ayrys should display only actual stuff - other files/emails/.. should be accessed by clicking on chosen item. The layout should allow access to all things you need in almost no time (or so :). Nothing has been coded yet.
extension kde linux plasma unix
Jan 28 2007

K-Umts 1.1

Various KDE Stuff by Divilinux
This utility uses wvdial ,in order to connect your 3G UMTS "Option" card to your laptop or pcmcia adaptor Configure section provide password,username and number to dial You can create a wvdial.config file in /tmp directory with "save config" button At reboot temp file will be destroyed for...
extension kde linux plasma unix
Jan 27 2007

Kopete Away Message Updater

Various KDE Stuff by bram85
Call this script from the Autostart folder, and it will update Kopete's away message for each interval (requires Kopete 0.12 or higher). The away messages are by default defined in ~/.kopete-away-msgs . Each line can contain either: - a comment (starting with a #) - flags message The...
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Jan 14 2007


Various KDE Stuff by kichi777
KCatalog is an Multimedia catalog utility which allows you to organize huge collection of MP3/Movie files in your hard disks,CD's,DVD's or any other media . You can explore your multimedia collection easily and find the file you wish in just a few seconds. KCatalog provides extensive...
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Jan 08 2007


Various KDE Stuff by spookster
Kio-Sword is a lightweight easy-to-use Bible tool for KDE. It provides access to Bibles, commentaries and other texts in an easy to use and attractive interface -- the Konqueror web browser. It does so using the SWORD Bible project and implementing a KDE ioslave, providing the sword:/ protocol....
extension kde linux plasma unix
Dec 16 2006