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Conky VU Meters

Conky by autocrosser1
Conky VU Meters for Conky 1.10 or later. A different take on the "normal" round lua scripted gauge--Bar style-all the notes to modify are in the lua script. As usual for my Conkys, modify it to your taste and how much information you want/need. Just please credit Me and the prior authors if you...
linux conky extension unix
Aug 20 2017

Conky Info

Conky by autocrosser1
A simple conky that I modified for my own use... If it displays wrong on your system, just play with the y values in each conky to get the correct spacing. Add or delete as you want. All sections can be modded any way you want...if you repost this, just credit the original author and...
extension conky unix linux
Aug 13 2017

Conky Sample

Conky by autocrosser1
A basic Conky with a good amount of information. If you remove the image file from the conky--it will be transparent. As usual for my conkys, feel free to mod any way you want--just credit me if you republish. Have Fun!!!!
extension conky linux unix
Aug 13 2017

Folderview shadow patch

Various Plasma 5 Improvements by koko2k
Little script that allows you to have shadows under text in folderview plasmoid just like it happens on the desktop view right now. I really missed that lost functionality from kde 4, because: 1) i like them 2) i like transparent plasma themes 3) I'd like to read white text even when i...
extension unix plasma-5 plasma linux kde
Nov 02 2017


Plasma 5 Clocks by Refused
A simple stopwatch in QML/C++. The stopwatch is started automatically on login, and paused when the screen is locked or the screensaver is active. > DEPENDENCIES < * Extra CMake modules * KDE Frameworks 5 * DBUS > BUILD < tar xvf StopWatchPlasmoid-1.0.tar.gz cd...
extension clock linux kde plasma plasma-5 unix widget
Mar 08 2017

Dr. McNinja

Plasma Comic Sources by thevladsoft
Doctor Mc. Ninja comic
plasma kde linux comic-source extension unix
Mar 15 2014

Skin Horse

Plasma Comic Sources by thevladsoft
Don't really know if there is somebody using this. Anyway, I recommend you to go to the comic page:
extension comic-source unix linux kde plasma
Oct 04 2013

Darths and Droids

Plasma Comic Sources by UberGeekxor
Darths & Droids webcomic ( for KDE Plasma Comic Strip widget. Posted with permission from David Morgan-Mar of "The Comic Irregulars" (
unix plasma kde linux comic-source extension
Aug 27 2012

Diesel Sweeties Comic

Plasma Comic Sources by thevladsoft
Diesel sweeties comic. :) Visit the comic website: Want to donate a cup of coffe?
comic-source extension unix plasma kde linux
Aug 08 2012

Penny Arcade comic (new)

Plasma Comic Sources by thevladsoft
New Penny Arcade comic, made by me (I wanted to be able to see the comic in the comic plasmoid again, and the old one never was updated). Want to donate a cup of coffe?
unix linux kde plasma extension comic-source
Jul 29 2012