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Conky by forgeSHIELD
This is my second crack at creating a conky config. Feel encouraged to use and/or modify to your liking. Comments and critiques are more than welcome :) -Edited instruction regarding mail checking so that they are more accurate
unix linux conky extension
Jun 19 2011

Day of month

Plasma 5 Calendars by kdea
file. So to see the source code, you only have to rename it to a .zip extension, and then unzip
extension calendar plasma-5 plasma linux kde widget unix
Sep 27 2015

e-unity dbx theme

Various Gnome Stuff by bigrza
An Elementary inspired Unity theme for Dockbarx.
gnome extension linux unix
Mar 26 2011


Various Gnome Stuff by Lynk
This is my first final and 4 th in the general configuration file for Conky, so please do not judge strictly, i did all the minimum is simple and clear. [b]Height of the screen:[/b] ****x1024 [b]Language:[/b] Russian, English [b]INSTALL[/b] [b]Installing Conky[/b] [b]In the...
extension gnome unix linux
Feb 19 2011

dream desktop

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by manoflinux
NOT MY CODE BUT IT WAS NOT LISTED SO I THOUGHT PEOPLE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THIS. This allows for newer kde to have animated desktops. The only problem is when you have multiple desktops with multiple animated backgrounds you see alot of cpu load. It would be great if someone could make a...
linux kde plasma extension unix
Feb 07 2013

Ubuntu Ambiance Chrome Theme (Maverick)

Various Gnome Stuff by gnrathon
This is a theme a made using this webstie: It fits in perfectly with Ubuntu 10.10 Ambiance theme and intended to be used with system title bars and borders. (Unless you want a small bar appearing in the theme) Radiance...
unix linux gnome extension
Jan 17 2011

Broken Glass (NowPlaying theme)

Conky by brucelee
Details: ======== This is a theme using the new feature included in my modified NowPlaying screenlet v. For more details regarding the skinning feature visit the screenlet page: You can take this theme as an example for new...
linux unix extension conky
Jan 17 2011

Modern Debian Brand for developers

Various Gnome Stuff by sebagmz
A part of --Modern branding for Debian-- ( This logo is specific for developers, to use them in conferences, websites, etc. I am designing a entire new branding for Debian, including visual guidelines, color palette,...
linux extension gnome unix
Jan 15 2011

GNOMErunner for Mozilla Seamonkey 2.0a

Various Gnome Stuff by mld
For anyone interested here's some early steps of GNOMErunner, a suiterunner/seamonkey 2 theme using the GTK+ stock items and icons from the gnome iconset, resulting in a more consistent desktop integration on Unix. Just like the Firefox 3 default skin, changing the GTK theme and/or iconset on...
extension gnome unix linux
Jan 05 2011

elementary Icon Theme for JDownloader

Various Gnome Stuff by canciman
ABOUT ===== This is an elementary theme for JDownloader. It is basically 90% based on the elementary icon theme set (so your main thanks go to Dan Rabbit), but some icons had to be taken from the Oxygen icon theme (great thanks to its creators), as well as the Tango icon theme (thanks as...
unix linux extension gnome
Dec 22 2010