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Conky by sedaTurca
Here is the enhanced version (1.1) of my SpeedoClock Screenlet based upon Anders Storhaug's CPUMeter Screenlet default theme newly-customized with Mickyz's ClockScreenlet "Racing Theme". Thanks to Storhaug and Mickyz...
unix extension conky linux
Dec 24 2010

ConkyCover Theme

Conky by Arder
Un theme ideado para la distribución 100% libre Trisquel GNUlinux. Tiene un menú de instalación que automatiza este proceso, sirve con Exaile y Rhythmbox, tiene posibilidad de cambiar de themes y cambia entre Rhythmbox y Exaile automáticamente. Conky siempre me ha parecido más conf...
linux unix conky extension
Dec 07 2010

Conky for Amarok 1.4 and 2

Conky by larryni
I've written several bash scripts now to display Amarok's track data and cover in conky. Since my script folder started to get a bit crowded, I decided to clean up and pull everything together into just a couple of scripts. I still use Amarok 1.4 in Gnome. Here everything works as intended....
unix extension conky linux
Dec 01 2010

Styled Conky

Conky by BRLIN
Simple Styled Conky.
conky extension linux unix
Nov 14 2010

Elegant Gnome trash- musorka ot vinno1

Conky by vinno1
Click on the link to download the package containing the theme.Elegant Gnome trash- musorka ot vinno1.
conky extension linux unix
Nov 10 2010


Conky by xeptf4
A simple, clean and crisp digital time representation. PS : It has a transparent background. Design Idea by:
linux extension conky unix
Sep 14 2010

AnotherFolderView Screenlet

Conky by dencer
This screenlet is for these, who: - want quick access to files from desktop, but wanna see wallpaper too - have 3D hardware working properly - don't know what to do with free memory - like animations - do not afraid of troubleshooting On this video you can see it in action:...
extension conky linux unix
Jul 14 2010

Anchorable Slideshow

Conky by boss1266
An improvement on the original Slideshow. This version is able to be anchored by any one of the four corners. This means that the screenlet will fit any corner of the screen. Added the possibility of having a custom border and shadow/highlight color around the screenlet.
unix conky extension linux
Jun 30 2010

Conky Flip_clock

Conky by radoshow
This conky is a modified widget.Have the possibility of a change in 8 different appearance. Steps to install: 1.Download and unzip flip-clock.tar.gz 2.Add them to a folder ~/scripts 3.Editing flip_clock.lua (showing the path to a folder flip_clock) 4.Replace conkyrc with your...
unix extension conky linux
May 18 2010

TextOnly NowPlaying Themes

Conky by deusnova
[b]TEXTONLY Nowplaying Screenlet Theme[/b] It features two different flavours of the skin. The original one [with center aligned text] and the ALT one [with left aligned text and music icon]. To install them, simply extract the archive within ~/.screenlets/NowPlaying/themes, or within...
unix extension conky linux
Apr 10 2010