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Plank Themes by ptalfred
The first of two great new themes, created by me as a set from "Plank 2014 Series". "Digi" integrates seamlessly into your desktop environment on both light and dark backgrounds. »»» : ««« For more details, feel free to visit my blog:...
2014series extension dock linux ptalfplank plank unix
Aug 28 2020

CPU Use Plotter

Sysmon Applet Presets by mart
A line graph that plots the total CPU usage over time
plasma kde linux extension unix
Jul 09 2020


Plasma 5 Applets by gustawho
A small plasmoid to tweet directly from your Plasma desktop The primary goal of this project is to bring the ability to quickly send tweets without opening your browser or any other program. It aims to be as simple and lightweight as possible. Currently, posting tweet updates is the only...
plasma-5 plasma social linux kde extension twitter unix widget
Aug 13 2020

Rainbow Conky BiClock

Conky by fenario
Colourful basic conky with binary clock Backup original conky file sudo cp /etc/conky/conky.conf /etc/conky/conky.conf.bak Copy this file from your Downloads folder to global folder sudo cp ~/Downloads/conky.conf /etc/conky/ Making sure to have proper permissions sudo chown root:root...
extension conky linux unix
May 30 2020


Latte Layouts by pieter
This layout has three panels... - bottom panel that hides when an active application wants to use the space - left panel, autohiding, holds system-tray, and calendar-widget - top tray autohiding, holds the menu of the active application Needed widgets: (top) menubar - latte spacer...
linux latte unix dock extension
May 31 2020

Simple Flat White

Cairo Clock by jabberwocky0139
Simple clock with flat design. (for instal: unpack to : /usr/share/cairo-clock/themes)
linux unix cairo-clock extension
May 07 2020

McOS Big Sur Dock like Plank Theme

Plank Themes by harshdeep22
This is a plank theme made by me . It looks very similar to the mac os big sur dock . how to apply :--- just go to usr/share/plank/themes and paste the file there and extract it there now go to terminal and type :-- plank --preferences Icons used - cupertino mobile by...
extension bigsur dock dockthemes plank linux macos11 unix theme
Jul 01 2020

Conky A-Ring

Conky by autocrosser1
Was just playing and came up with this setup for 6 CPUs. Feel free to mod this to your liking--change it if you want--just credit me if you use some of it. I hardcoded the monitored mount points--change them to your needs/wants. As usual for my stuff--change as required to work with your...
linux extension conky unix
Mar 21 2020


Conky by eXpander
##A conky showing: Clock Diskspace RAM Usage CPU Usage CPU Temperature GPU Hz Battery ##Dependencies inotify-tools Ubuntu font Conky 1.10.x (compiled with lua 5.1.x, imlib2 and Cairo bindings.) pywal ##Install Use the provided installer script sh #Conky...
conky extension unix linux
Mar 18 2020


Plank Themes by kgtb33
Confusion The color revival ! Confusion is a pack of themes for plank that looks like the mac os X theme but with colors ! Included in this pack : - Confusion (green) - Confusion Black - Confusion Orange - Confusion Purple - Confusion Red - Confusion White how to install...
extension color dock plank macos linux unix
May 15 2020