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Futuristic Conky Terminus

Conky by ashishmalik10
Author : Ashish Malik I made this theme for my fluxbox. Here is how you do it. Works best with 1366x768 resolution and DARK Backgrounds. Configuring Conky ================= COPY the "conkyrc" and "conkyrc1" files from "Conky Scripts" folder to ~/.conky Add the following...
conky extension linux unix
Feb 17 2013

TheMinuteClock for Conky

Conky by normansue
[b][u]TheMinuteClock Description[/u][/b] Think of time in minutes and get more done! [b][u]Features[/u][/b] Clock display: - seconds of each minute (text, arc, outer tick) - minute of the day (text, hands) - minute of the week (outer tick) - minute of the month (outer tick) - minute of...
conky extension unix linux
Jan 12 2013

Zrradia Conky

Conky by samiuvic
^_^ ; This Conky Based on True Story ; ^_^ ##### Quad Core Conky #### You need to install Conky Lua in Arch Linux install it from yaourt and if you can not install toluapp download it from chakra repository ======================= extract the file in your Home Folder and run it using...
extension conky linux unix
Jan 06 2013

Conky German

Conky by soundrolf
Conky include Weather Files The Deadbeef Musicplayer has been included in the conkyrc. The Weather shows conditions in Cologne/Germany. Conkyrc is in German. Edit it to your need. Put the files and in your /home./conky Folder Edit the location for your...
unix conky extension linux
Dec 28 2012

Kare-san-sui [conky]

Conky by zergpinscher
A minimalist conky, somewhat binary/led inspired ;) See second preview for cutline. » Kare-san-sui means "dry landscape" garden, and is often referred to as "zen garden".
unix extension conky linux
Dec 12 2012

My Blue Conky

Conky by Sicariuxs
You need lm_sensors to be able to read stats of CPU temperature. You can also edit or remove the stats of the Windows file system if you would like.
extension conky linux unix
Dec 10 2012

Conky Clean Rings

Conky by autocrosser1
Conky Clean Rings I would like to acknowledge the following authors in providing the material to create this Conky: Yirt for some of the code in Conky CPU-MEM-NET: Hardba11 for code from Conky_Grey Blue Variation:...
linux conky extension unix
Apr 27 2014

Classic Conky

Conky by ClassicConky
install conky with: $ sudo apt-get install conky Download the file .conkyrc and paste it in your home directory (with this specific name!) run this simply and beautiful software with this command: $ conky enjoy! PS: if you have troubles with the battery status...
conky extension linux unix
Oct 05 2012

Minimalist Conky LUA

Conky by misterair
Minimalist Conky Theme based on the old LUA theme ( [url][/url] ). Adapted for dual core processors and wifi connection. Transparent background, it’s better with minimalistic background wallpaper. //All installation instructions a...
unix conky extension linux
Sep 03 2012

conky bars

Conky by mazur888
hi folks! this is my conky config. included volume script and readme aswell. i'm using this config at the moment on asus eee pc, and there is no led light for capslock, that's why there is capslock indicator in the config. if you like it please comment or rate
extension conky linux unix
Aug 26 2012