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UI Screen

Conky by Met
video: Resolution: 1920x1080 install: lm-sensors settings: sudo sensors-detect cpufrequtils hddtemp settings: sudo chmod u+s /usr/sbin/hddtemp jq curl Install fonts in the ~/Conky/font folder Run: ./conky_start
unix linux kubuntu conky conky-lua extension
Dec 31 2018


Conky by autocrosser1
3D-Plus is just a Conky I've been playing with for a couple of weeks.....Finally got it about where I wanted. Included are the conky script, Lua script, required font & startup script. Just put the "dot" files in your home folder, chmod the startup script & run it. You can setup your startup...
extension conky linux unix
Aug 26 2018

Modern-VSM Clock Conky

Conky by Markospoko
Modern-VSM Clock is a slightly-weighty futuristic clock for smart people like you who appreciate slick UIs =) Don't be shy, give it a try, hesitation isn't good for you, trust me, I'm a doctor ;-). I believe in you capability to download and set it up, after all what have you got to lose, if...
linux modern unix extension desklet conky clock
Jan 17 2019

Simple Conky Monitor

Conky by donbcilly
A simple Conky system monitor. Based on Quad Conky colors theme by g10k (admin@patch... etc.) Just a first try, it'll get better :ยท) Network monitors enp3s0 as I use it on Mint KDE. Just search/replace it to your network interface. As soon as I can get line graphs to work, I'll do them ...
conky extension system unix linux monitor
Nov 29 2018


Conky by autocrosser1
Tree-List Conky. Modified for Conky v1.10 ONLY. Modify it for your own use--just credit me if you re-publish it. It will take a bit of work to reset the tree as you change it, but the end look is worth it!!!! All line mods are included in the first line. Will display IPv6 addresses. I use dual...
extension conky unix linux
Apr 30 2018

Conky Ring Graph

Conky by autocrosser1
Well--I was just playing around with Conky this morning & like how this turned out. Made both 4 & 6 CPU versions. Feel free to modify this any way you want-just credit me if you repost. Included are the conky & lua scripts, startup script & the required fonts. Have Fun & ENJOY!!!!
linux conky extension unix
Apr 28 2018

victor conky

Conky by victorbit
A powerful and useful widget that anyone should test it. This widget shows clock and date, temperature, CPU usage percentage, RAM usage and so on. This widget is published in three different sizes. Hope to enjoy and be useful This conky has three sizes for your usage and two type for arch...
gnomeconky extension archlinux conky unix victorbit victorconky linux
Jan 31 2019

Automatik Nvidia and AMD Radeon

Conky by fabienhenon
***Beta version for AutomatiK_nvidia_beta. Please give me your feedback*** AutomatiK scans your hardware and automatically adapts the conky theme : You don't have to open the conky file and change it to you system. It detects : - Your language (English, French, German, Portugese, Italian,...
unix extension conky linux
Apr 15 2018


Conky by sag123
conky -c codes Source codes conkyrc script updated!!! Comment me If u have any problem regarding installation of my file...
wallpaper unix ping-conky linux extension conky conky-them
Dec 19 2018

microC-ctoon Clock Conky

Conky by Markospoko
microC-ctoon Clock is a clock inspired by demoscene and ASCII art =) Don't be shy, give it a try, hesitation isn't good for you, trust me, I'm a doctor ;-). I believe in you capability to download and set it up, after all what have you got to lose, if you don't like it you can always bin it...
extension conky clock desklet cartoon unix linux retro
Jan 03 2019