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KPrayertime4 Islamic Prayer Times

Plasma 4 Extensions by ahaq
A KDE plasmoid that displays the Islamic prayer times for the day in an iinnovative way
extension kde linux plasma plasma-4 unix widget
Dec 26 2009

PhD [eng]

Plasma Comic Sources by mfuchs
[url=]PhD[/url] plugin for plasma comic.
comic-source extension kde linux plasma unix
Sep 29 2019

Simple FutureO Clock Conky

Conky by Markospoko
Simple FutureO Clock Don't be shy, give it a try, hesitation isn't good for you, trust me, I'm a doctor ;-). ReadThis txt/html included in the package will assist you in finding out how you can express your gratitude if you aren't one of those give-me-everything-for-free careless ones and...
conky extension linux unix
Dec 10 2017


Conky by Lazo
Instructions: For changing the color sheme, just open the folder with the color you like, copy everything inside and paste it in the configuration("config") folder. OS on the screen is a Elementary OS Luna. Please comment if you tried it out. :) You can use and edit this conky theme. But...
conky extension linux unix
Oct 04 2014

Badge Conky

Conky by twodogs
This conky is a modified conky by stingenergy8o called 'Badge BLACKR Conky Theme.' The conky is for people who just want date, time and uptime. Very simple. Put .conkyrc in your home folder and put conky_icons folder in .conky folder of your home folder (if you don't have it, create...
conky extension linux unix
Apr 21 2014


Various Gnome Stuff by joseanonimo1
extension gnome linux unix
Sep 24 2012

Fine Typography

Various Gnome Stuff by anasr
Fine Typography is sharp and clear font settings for: - Ubuntu font family. - Liberation fonts. - MS core fonts. It also sets font aliases like this: - Sans: refers to 'Ubuntu' font. - Serif: refers to 'Georgia'. - Monospace: refers to 'Ubuntu Mono'. - Cursive and...
extension gnome linux unix
Jul 22 2012

Abiword UI Mockup

Various Gnome Stuff by davbren
This is a mockup for a redesigned AbiWord toolbar. The aim is to reduce the clutter and make it much cleaner and more intuitive to use.
extension gnome linux unix
Nov 28 2010

Ubuntu Tablet Mockup

Various Gnome Stuff by brantpwns
This is my mockup of a tablet interface for ubuntu. Please comment/criticize
extension gnome linux unix
Nov 19 2010

Fully Conky

Conky by acidrums4
First of all, excuse me for my bad english :P This is my conky config file. It's very simple, but has some special things: * A hotmail script that reads your hotmail account and shows new mails on inbox and spam folder. * A Gmail script that logins to your gmail account via IMAP4, shows...
conky extension linux unix
Feb 20 2009