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Regulus Dark - Conky theme

Conky by closebox73x
This is dark variant of Regulus theme. Now available in Fahrenheit and Playerctl version Instalation see [url=]How to apply[/url] check out my profile for other cool conky themes for your desktop... Check out my most downloaded themes : 1)...
linux unix extension conky
Mar 26 2023

Better Application Menu [An improved fork of Kicker]

Plasma 5 Menus by himdek
This is an improved fork of KDE Plasma's Kicker Application Menu which is a launcher based on cascading popup menus. The design is simplified while improving search features and customizability. Powerful Plasma Search The search bar uses `Plasma Search`, which is the same search provider used...
appmenu kicker launcher menu startmenu linux unix extension kde plasma plasma-5 widget
Mar 19 2023


Plank Themes by htwo
#Lyra Electric Blue + #Lyra Electric Purple + #Lyra Electric Red + #Lyra Electric Yellow + #Lyra Electric Green + #Lyra Electric Grey + #Lyra Electric Navy + #Lyra Electric Orange + #Lyra Electric Violet + #Lyra Electric Gray Wolf
dock extension gnome linux lxqt plank plankdock unix xfce
Nov 08 2022

Sarin - Conky theme

Conky by closebox73x
A simple conky theme to show date and weather information. Instalation see [url=]How to apply[/url] check out my profile for other cool conky themes for your desktop... Font Source : [url=]Bebas Neue[/url]
conky extension linux unix
Oct 23 2022

Sweet Ambar Blue Aurorae

Plasma Window Decorations by eliverlara
/es/firefox/addon/sweet-dark/]sweet-dark[/url] extension for a better looking or try my complete [url=https
Sep 04 2022

BlueDevils for Xfce

GTK2 Themes by thefrankenstein
. You can place the window buttons left or right by the Window Manager. Required extension for Firefox
Jun 16 2022

Reddit Wallpaper

Plasma Wallpaper Plugins by kylepaulsen
A plasma wallpaper plugin to show images from reddit using subreddits of your choosing.
reddit wallpaper plasma plugin linux unix extension kde wallpaper-plugin
Jul 30 2022

JovarkOS Theme

GTK3/4 Themes by simondanerd
, then install the User Shell Theme extension from here:
Aug 30 2021

Big Sur Menu for Gnome Desktop

Gnome Extensions by fkorpsvart
in its Big Sur version and thus bring it to Gnome as an extension in the Shell.[/h4] [b]Installation
apple bigsur extension gnome linux macos menu unix
Sep 30 2020

Twitch indicator

Plasma 5 Multimedia by komorebithrowsatable
Displays active streams from channels you're following on twitch. It uses only your login name and nothing else since twitch api allows to see this data just by passing client id. Now it's a beta version, so don't hesitate to report bugs and request some improvements.
extension kde linux multimedia plasma plasma-5 twitch unix widget
Jun 07 2022