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Sweet Ambar Blue

Global Themes by eliverlara
a supporter for the KDE Themes and Extensions section [/url] [/color], I'm sure that me and others creators
Jan 21 2023

Power Monitor

Plasma 5 Monitoring by atul-g
A stupidly simple KDE Plasma 5 widget to monitor the power consumption of your laptop battery in real time. Installation: There are two ways to install this widget in your KDE Plasma. 1. Head over to the Plasma Add-On installer by going to: `Right click on Desktop -> Add Widgets -> Get...
battery extension kde linux monitoring plasma plasma-5 power unix widget
Jul 07 2022


Plasma 5 Multimedia by eduardoforca
A modification of NowPlaying, a Plasma Widget by nihilist-dev: This version allows the user to change the alignment between Left/Right. Other extra functionalities will be added as well. The User can now change the background options.
extension kde linux mod multimedia plasma plasma-5 plasma5 plasmoid unix widget
Apr 11 2022

Prime Render Switch and Status

Plasma 5 Monitoring by jfespinal
This is a simple widget that shows the status of your video graphics card using the "prime-select" command and lets you switch between your Nvidia card and your intel video card. Also, it give you the option to see what version of Nvidia drivers you have and a quick short-cut to open...
driver extension gpu intel kde linux monitoring nvidia plasma plasma-5 prime unix widget
Sep 17 2021

Quick Menu

Plasma 4 Extensions by justi
Only a small menu written in QML.
extension kde linux plasma plasma-4 unix widget
Feb 07 2013


Plasma 4 Extensions by djselbeck
[b]This is the first qml based version of this plasmoid. At the moment I do not have the spare time to support it, so I release this "as it is". Sorry but if I have more time I'll continue developing. There is a bug if you move the plasmoid from desktop to taskbar or clockwise. You have to...
extension kde linux plasma plasma-4 unix widget
Nov 12 2012

Repo-Finder Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions by ingalex
Repo-Finder Plasmoid is based on scripted HTML plasmoid ([url][/url]) by pdamsten. Repo-Finder Plasmoid enable to search repository containing packages that you need for: Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Debian, Android, Cydia. Repo-Finder...
extension kde linux plasma plasma-4 unix widget
Nov 17 2011


Plasma 4 Extensions by hefee
This plasmoid makes it easy to see wether you have new fax or invoices on your sipgate account. It now can send also fax or sms to one person. You will need the python binding to run this plasmoid. for full support aka storing passwords in kwallet also python-keyring-kwallet package is...
extension kde linux plasma plasma-4 unix widget
Jun 19 2011

Bundesliga Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions by Fxrh
This plasmoid shows the current matches of the 1. Fußball-Bundesliga (German football league). If there is a goal, a notification is shown. [b]Known Problems[/b] The text is not always in one row and the row height differs (see screenshot).
extension kde linux plasma plasma-4 unix widget
Dec 05 2010

Netstat English

Plasma 4 Extensions by mboscovich
Show the incomings, outgoings and locals connections in a simplified way, taken the netstat output. Its require python-kde4 and plasma-scriptengine-python
extension kde linux plasma plasma-4 unix widget
Aug 31 2010