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Sweet Ambar Blue

Global Themes by eliverlara
a supporter for the KDE Themes and Extensions section [/url] [/color], I'm sure that me and others creators
Jan 21 2023

Adwaita One Dark

Gnome Shell Themes by lonr
://]User Themes Extension[/url]. Open gnome-tweaks and change the shell
Nov 16 2022

Edna Layout

Latte Layouts by jomada
Latte Layout with 2 floating docks, top dock integrating with maximized windows and latte SideBar OnDemand. Latte-Dock GitHub version Bottom Latte: Latte Separator - Virtual Desktop Bar - Latte...
dock extension latte linux unix
Nov 16 2022

GNOME Customization / Ubuntu 22.04 LTS [01]

Tutorials and Scripts by lsteam
This is a file containing resources that I use for customizing Ubuntu 22.04 Files: all-extensions
May 30 2022

Power Monitor

Plasma 5 Monitoring by atul-g
A stupidly simple KDE Plasma 5 widget to monitor the power consumption of your laptop battery in real time. Installation: There are two ways to install this widget in your KDE Plasma. 1. Head over to the Plasma Add-On installer by going to: `Right click on Desktop -> Add Widgets -> Get...
battery extension kde linux monitoring plasma plasma-5 power unix widget
Jul 07 2022


Plasma 5 Multimedia by eduardoforca
A modification of NowPlaying, a Plasma Widget by nihilist-dev: This version allows the user to change the alignment between Left/Right. Other extra functionalities will be added as well. The User can now change the background options.
extension kde linux mod multimedia plasma plasma-5 plasma5 plasmoid unix widget
Apr 11 2022

Prime Render Switch and Status

Plasma 5 Monitoring by jfespinal
This is a simple widget that shows the status of your video graphics card using the "prime-select" command and lets you switch between your Nvidia card and your intel video card. Also, it give you the option to see what version of Nvidia drivers you have and a quick short-cut to open...
driver extension gpu intel kde linux monitoring nvidia plasma plasma-5 prime unix widget
Sep 17 2021

Quick Menu

Plasma 4 Extensions by justi
Only a small menu written in QML.
extension kde linux plasma plasma-4 unix widget
Feb 07 2013


Plasma 4 Extensions by djselbeck
[b]This is the first qml based version of this plasmoid. At the moment I do not have the spare time to support it, so I release this "as it is". Sorry but if I have more time I'll continue developing. There is a bug if you move the plasmoid from desktop to taskbar or clockwise. You have to...
extension kde linux plasma plasma-4 unix widget
Nov 12 2012

Repo-Finder Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions by ingalex
Repo-Finder Plasmoid is based on scripted HTML plasmoid ([url][/url]) by pdamsten. Repo-Finder Plasmoid enable to search repository containing packages that you need for: Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Debian, Android, Cydia. Repo-Finder...
extension kde linux plasma plasma-4 unix widget
Nov 17 2011