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Nautilus Copy Path/Name

Nautilus Scripts by chr314
Extension for Nautilus to copy files/dir path or name ## Installation ### AUR (https
extension addon copy name path nautilus
Apr 03 2021
2. playlist parser

VLC Playlist Parsers by stefansundin playlist parser Note that VLC 3.0 includes a Twitch playlist parser by default, but this one is far superior (see the list of features below). Install: 1. I have included a client_id in this script. If it gets blocked in the future, you can try to get a new one (e.g. by finding...
Jul 19 2020

Sampler PG

VLC Extensions by mederi
(PG) also in VLC-2.1+. It is VLC Lua Extension that generates samples of playlist items of desired duration
May 22 2014

Quick backup and restore files

Dolphin Service Menus by alex-l
, adding a .bak extension, and to restore them. Manual installation: download both bak.desktop and bak
Dec 22 2017