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Latte Separator

Plasma 5 Applets by Psifidotos
Plasma 5 applet that acts as a separator between applets. This plasmoid is coming from Latte land but it can also support Plasma panels. [b]Features:[/b] * option for thickness margins * option for length margins
kde plasma separator linux unix extension plasma-5 widget
Sep 24 2022

Time Keeper Evolution

Plasma 5 Clocks by xyz64
Time Keeper Evolution plasmoid provides a clock, calendar and orrery functions via steampunk interface. It is written entirely in QML + JavaScript and runs under Plasma 5. Based on the work done by Joker: Graphics by yereverluvinunclebert:...
calendar clock extension kde linux orrery plasma plasma-5 steampunk timekeeper unix widget
Mar 05 2022

Menu X

Plasma 5 Menus by adhe
[u][b] Menu X [/b][/u] Application launcher inspired by the windows 10 menu [color=#00aa7f][u][b]Installation[/b][/u][/color] Download the package and execute the following command from your terminal (for install or upgrade). [code]´╗┐plasmapkg2 --install menuX.tar.gz[/code] [b]or[/b] ...
plasma windows linux unix extension kde plasma-5 widget menu
Feb 14 2022


Plank Themes by ptalfred
[color=#020052][b]Platus - Plank Dock Theme from Glossy Series[/b][/color] Wallpaper [b][URL=]Simplicity - XFCE Edition by PT_Alfred[/URL][/b] For more details [b][URL=]Platus at Artwork &...
glossyseries ptalfplank linux unix dock plank extension
Oct 07 2021

Plane icon theme for Manjaro

Full Icon Themes by wfpaisa
/ - Extensions: Dash to Dock, Docker integration, Dynamic panel transparency, freon, Internet radio, Topicons
Feb 26 2020

Persian Calendar

Plasma 5 Calendars by remisa
A simple KDE Plasma widget for Persian date (a.k.a Jalali calendar). Also can be used for Gregorian date/time.
calendar date extension farsi jalali kde linux persian plasma plasma-5 unix widget
Sep 12 2021


Plasma 4 Extensions by ArthurTaborda
[b][u]DEPENDENCIES: - KDE 4.10.1 or later (4.10 has a bug with notifications) - libdeclarative-multimedia (for debian based distros, including ubuntu, of course) or - qtmobility (for Arch) - qt-mobility (other distros) make sure you have these dependencies installed before add...
extension kde linux plasma plasma-4 unix widget
Nov 24 2014

Application Name Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions by ilpianista
A QML plasmoid which shows the application name of the focused window. Features: * Shows the application name of the focused windows * Shows the activity name if no window is focused * Optionally, it shows the window title (enable this option in the settings) * Optionally, it shows the...
extension kde linux plasma plasma-4 unix widget
Feb 15 2014

Enhanced Battery Monitor

Plasma 4 Extensions by viranch
This is the enhanced battery monitor that for now shows the battery's remaining time apart from the features in the default plasmoid. EDIT: This plasmoid is no longer maintained.
extension kde linux plasma plasma-4 unix widget
Dec 28 2013


Plasma 4 Extensions by unknownSpirit
[b]This plasmoid uses several integrated backends to receive its input. Please read at least section REQUIREMENTS before installation. Moreover, I'd be very grateful for any kind of feedback.[/b] UPDATE [li]14.0: Holds the new configuration interface and supports synchronised plasmoid...
extension kde linux plasma plasma-4 unix widget
Sep 11 2013