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Plasma 4 Extensions by eikel
In March 2012, I wanted to have a Plasmoid that is able to display the status of a Subversion repository. Because I could not find a working Plasmoid for that task, I began to develop a new one. SubversionDataEngine is a data engine that can be used by Plasmoids. I have written this data...
unix widget kde plasma plasma-4 linux extension
Mar 19 2012


Plasma 4 Extensions by mgraesslin
This is a very simple Plasmoid rendering hostname and X11 display
unix widget extension plasma plasma-4 linux kde
Dec 22 2011

battery plasmoid with remaining time

Plasma 4 Extensions by cyberbeat
I patched the kde battery plasmoid to show a checkbox for its hidden config-option to display the remaining time. Requires kde4-workspace-devel >= 4.6 to compile. Install: extract and open konsole in extracted directory. type "ccmake ." and adapt your prefix (mostly /usr), type "make". then...
unix widget plasma plasma-4 linux kde extension
Jan 27 2011

Instant CSI

Plasma 4 Extensions by jernejovc
It's basically just a plasmoid that plays the CSI Miami theme song and fades in a really cool picture of Horatio Caine :) Made it mostly for fun, and I also submitted it for Plasma Javascript Jam. Feel free to comment / suggest new features / etc... Depends on KDE 4.4.x (Javascript...
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May 12 2010


Plasma 4 Extensions by metaxy
This is a plasmoid to show everyday a new bible verse.
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Mar 16 2010

Flickr On Plasma

Plasma 4 Extensions by bram85
A Plasma applet showing: [li]the most interesting pictures on Flickr[/li] [li]your favorite photos[/li] [li]a particular photoset[/li] [li]a set of photos based on a tag[/li] [li]photos taken on a particular location[/li] To fetch the latest version, use the Git version: [li]Github:...
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Oct 03 2009


Plasma 4 Extensions by KAMiKAZOW
Put MeinVZ on your desktop by displaying the mobile version of that site. This Plasma applet is based on Ferenc Nagy's Facebook applet. Installation: Either use KDE's "Add Widgets" window or download it manually and then run: plasmapkg -i meinvz.plasmoid
extension unix widget kde plasma plasma-4 linux
Aug 02 2009

Salatinoid Islamic Prayer Time Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions by Taareq
Islamic Prayer Time Plasmoid. Currently available translations: * English * German (Deutsch) * Arabic (عربي)
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Feb 08 2009

Prayer Times Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions by hesham
This is a Plasmoid that tells Islamic prayer times in KDE 4. It supports being placed on the desktop or on the panel (or both at the same time) and has support for setting different sounds for the Adhan and changing timezones and calculation methods for the prayer times. Comments and...
unix widget extension plasma plasma-4 linux kde
Jun 22 2008

Plasma WiFi

Plasma 4 Extensions by ochoha
This is a kde 4 plasma applet which displays the signal strength of the access point your wifi nic is currently connected to. It makes no attempt to do any configuration itself, but only reports on the state of the connection. This Software is published under the terms of the GNU GPL V3...
widget unix linux plasma-4 plasma kde extension
Jun 16 2008