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Conky by drxnele
wireless screenlet is used to show current status of your wireless device... it's showing signal quality in % and signal and noise level in dBm if you have some new ideas for improve I would like to hear it... leave comments :) note: If you want to vote bad, please let me know what you...
conky extension linux unix
Apr 04 2012

commie conky

Conky by subverted
commie conky for 23 inch monitor. Now with kremlin font! Update for April 20th: New Dark Clock with Blue dividers with Kremlin Font titles. The RSS feed is so useful. It reminds me to check the World Socialist Website. Today I learned about Kissinger's latest scandal with Letelier's...
conky extension linux unix
Apr 21 2010

Clear Weather Screenlet

Conky by Whise
A Weather Screenlet modified from the original to look more clear and to enable the use of icon pack , you can use any icon pack compatible with , you can find many packs on or by Helder Fraga aka Whise based on Weather...
conky extension linux unix
May 11 2008