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Net Monitor

Conky by drxnele
monitors download and upload rate... and can show total download/upload for month or day if you have some new ideas for improve or you find bug I would like to hear it... leave comments :) ------------------------------- note: If you want to vote bad, please let me know what you dont like...
conky extension linux unix
Apr 04 2012

eventCal (iCal event calendar)

Conky by wolle1
eventCal is a event calendar mod from 'eigenCal' which you will find under: [url][/url] - It will show events from any iCal file. Supported Calendars: Evolution, Sunbird, Google, Golem and more. - It gives many...
conky extension linux unix
Mar 01 2012

Google Calendar Screenlet

Conky by boamaod
Adds Google Calendar events on your desktop. Supports any amount of different calendars, updates automatically and has many configuration options. Themeable and lightweight. EASY INSTALL FOR UBUNTU 1. If Screenlets PPA is not already enabled on your system, either from software sources...
conky extension linux unix
Nov 29 2010