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Gotham Elegant Organized mod Conky

Conky by Markospoko
Gotham somewhat organized and display adjusted mod with elegant but rounded and easily readable font [b]*QUITE IMPORTANT*:[/b] Do you like it? Definitely check this >> [URL=""]information[/URL]. You may also pling it. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you...
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Dec 10 2017

8core Conky colors theme

Conky by g10k
This is my second conky-colors theme. I've tested in my archlinux sys but please be nice and provide me some feedback. This theme is a modification of the Default conky-colors theme, I've taken date/time/OS indicators, fixed wifi/wired issues and added the CPU temp, Net, CPU, RAM and IO...
extension conky unix linux
Oct 20 2014

MyWay Conky

Conky by akshendra
[b][i]Awesome hah!![/i][/b] [b]MyWay Conky Theme[/b] The quotes are from BrainyQuotes. Changes every 15 minutes. Weather from Yahoo! Weathers. Sports news is SkySports feed, you can select from an array of Sports and Leagues, these consist of Cricket, International Football, MLF,...
unix linux extension conky
Sep 10 2014

Boxed Conky

Conky by akshendra
[b]Boxed Conky Theme[/b] The main feature of this conky theme is its flexibility. Its can adjust very easily for all screen sizes and can be placed anywhere. [i]Read the Instructions.txt file to setup this config[/i] Update : Working download link
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Sep 04 2014


Conky by babuphilip
Bug Fix. Due to different screen resolutions the display could go out of alignment. If the colums are not aligned as shown in the picture, please modifiy the config file, offset and voffset by 2 to 5 pixels so they align properly, Thankyou Very simple Conky, which will use a...
conky extension linux unix
Aug 04 2014

Conky Lucid Blue 2.0 FullHD_Eng

Conky by austin78
INSTALL: 1. Open a terminal and run: sudo apt-get install conky 2. Extract downloaded file to /home/YOURNAME/ so it should look like this: /home/YOURNAME/.conkytheme/ 3. In folder included script to start theme, You can add it to autostart. 4. In terminal enter: sh...
extension conky unix linux
Dec 30 2013

conky max 3

Conky by jerusalem
Description: Based on Zeka's Conky Faenza 3.2 Modified by jerusalem To install copy all hidden files and directory in your home directory and run сonky! To work correctly is required: 1. lm-sensors and hddtemp 2. You must install the font arrows.ttf (in folder font)
conky extension unix linux
Jul 19 2012

Revolutionary Clock (conky)

Conky by abuyahya
To appreciate this clock you need to see it move. Check the links for the 2 minutes duration video. Revolutionary clocks comes in 4 sizes HD, midi, mini & supermini It is distinguished from other such clocks by the clock rings not having a fixed starting position but rather move as a...
linux conky extension unix
Jun 07 2012


Conky by drxnele
It shows time/date and day of week in digital format... add coments, sugestions for improvement, report bugs... note: If you want to vote bad, please let me know what you dont like so I can improve it...
conky extension linux unix
May 07 2012

Conky SeaMod

Conky by SeaJey
Custom conky config with lua-scripted rings. My mod is based on conkyrc_lunatico: [url][/url], wich is modification of conkyrc_orange: [url][/url].
extension conky unix linux
Feb 05 2012