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Conky Fedora Tree

Conky by iznogud78
Based on both versions of the Debian-Slate theme from which I took inspiration (and much of the code) for this project. I extrapolated different features, taken from one or the other version, trying to satisfy my personal tastes and trying to get a satisfying result that would fit my widesceen...
conky extension fedora linux tree unix
May 29 2022

Revolutionary Clock ( Conky )

Conky by abuyahya
There is no clock like this as one user said "It's pure and utter MADNESS, like some mystifying marvelous work of a mad scientist." This should work on any full conky installations irrespective of linux distro or flavour. I run it on LinuxMint12 KDE. To appreciate this clock you need to...
conky extension linux unix
May 31 2021

Zeka's Conky Faenza

Conky by Zeka13
Enjoy my conky config! To install copy all files and directory(the are hidden) in your home directory and run сonky! To work correctly is required: lm-sensors and hddtemp You can find me by writing me a email __________________________ Для установки просто скопиру...
conky extension linux unix
Apr 20 2016

4CTiles v2 Conky

Conky by nawazqaisar
this conky is compatible with most environments including KDE and gnome [b]Installation Instructions :[/b] [url][/url]
conky extension linux unix
Oct 17 2014

Conky Calendar Extra

Conky by eXpander
Just some conky I made, have fun with it! [b]It shows:[/b] (1) Week number (2) Day of month (3) Day of week (4) Month (5) Clock (6) A couple of vertical bars showing temperatures (7) Rings showing free space in percent [b]HowTo:[/b] (1) Install the [b]lm-sensors[/b]...
conky extension linux unix
Mar 04 2014

Orore Clock rings - for Conky Manage

Conky by lxromar
[b]Orore Clock rings is a theme for Conky Manager 1.1[/b] You can enable or disable the modules change its position, size, transparency, any overall appearance, all with a few clicks from the theme manager. Of course that you can change everything from the source code; from the colors to the...
conky extension linux unix
Jul 12 2013

conky equalizer

Conky by mazur888
my another conky config. if you like this wallpaper just enter "volume" to google.
conky extension linux unix
Sep 17 2012

Futuristic Conky 2.3.0

Conky by abuyahya
Futuristic Conky V2.3 Displays graphically individual cpu usuage, core temps, GPU temp, motherboard temp (north bridge), fan speeds, disk usuage, diskio, RAM, ethernet upspeed and downspeed. Very low on resources. 0 - 1% cpu and 2 - 3 MiB memory (absolute not percentage). Conky...
conky extension linux unix
Jun 04 2012

conky ng

Conky by rustyacge
I used different themes conky other artists, to create a complete substance, but still incomplete in form. based on conky orange
conky extension linux unix
Aug 31 2011


Conky by jurankdankkal
This conky I've created under Fedora but u can use it in another Linux distro like Ubuntu, Debian, Arch, etc deviantart : homepage :
conky extension linux unix
Jun 27 2011