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Revolutionary Clock ( Conky )

Conky by abuyahya
There is no clock like this as one user said "It's pure and utter MADNESS, like some mystifying marvelous work of a mad scientist." This should work on any full conky installations irrespective of linux distro or flavour. I run it on LinuxMint12 KDE. To appreciate this clock you need to...
conky extension linux unix
May 31 2021


Conky by dmz51
This product contains all required files to spin dynamic conky and lua configuration files from a python script. The resulting widget will contain: - Metrics on temperature, cpu (maximum fixed to 8 cpu to display), disks (maximum 3 filesystem), memory (ram and swap), networking (we select...
automatic conky conky-lua extension linux rings unix
Mar 23 2019

Infinity Dark Conky Theme

Conky by reveng
[b]Conky theme[/b] [b]Theme[/b] : Infinity Dark [b]Version[/b] : 2 [b] Created by[/b] : Harshit Yadav [b] Website [/b] : [b] Fonts [/b] : Monofur (included in zip) [b] Icons [/b] : Entypo Download The File and See ReadMe.txt for Installation...
conky extension linux unix
Sep 25 2016

Zeka's Conky Faenza

Conky by Zeka13
Enjoy my conky config! To install copy all files and directory(the are hidden) in your home directory and run сonky! To work correctly is required: lm-sensors and hddtemp You can find me by writing me a email __________________________ Для установки просто скопиру...
conky extension linux unix
Apr 20 2016

Path-indicator Conky

Conky by avi9526
It's my first try to make something with conky - use it at Your own risk. I am not programmer. Archive contain two files. To make it work 1) save "conkyrc" file as ".conkyrc" to Your home directory 2) sage "avi9526_conky.lua" to ".conky" directory in Your home folder
conky extension linux unix
Jun 15 2012


Conky by pxjava
[b]Support has ended.[/b] [b]This screenlet can display many information. Some of them are listed below:[/b] - date, time, phase of moon - holiday first names - weather of the three places - course - stock - CPU load, multi CPU/core load - CPU frequency - GPU information and temp...
conky extension linux unix
Apr 14 2011

Conky Clock Widget

Conky by jpope777
Conky Clock Widget by jpope v 1.1.2010.10.24 - 1.0.2010.10.19 A interactive conky clock. Click the 'LED' to view the current month calendar. The calendar view is on a 10 second timeout and will change back to the clock after timeout ends. Updates(2010.10.24): Now...
conky extension linux unix
Oct 24 2010