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Revolutionary Clock ( Conky )

Conky by abuyahya
There is no clock like this as one user said "It's pure and utter MADNESS, like some mystifying marvelous work of a mad scientist." This should work on any full conky installations irrespective of linux distro or flavour. I run it on LinuxMint12 KDE. To appreciate this clock you need to...
unix linux extension conky
May 31 2021

Infinity Conky

Conky by reveng
Conky Theme Theme : Infinity Version : 1.0 Created by : Me [b]Depends on Conky 1.8.0[/b] Bottom Dock : Avant Window Navigator Desktop theme : Mint-X-icons Icon Theme : Mint-X-theme Download The File and See ReadMe.txt for Installation Instructions Updated the .conkyrc theme as u...
conky extension linux unix
Aug 02 2016

Conky lua 2011 next generation

Conky by despot77
First install the font neuropolitical !!! conkyrc: change the line: ${font caviar dreams:size=12}${color FFFFFF}${alignr}${weather LQBK LQBK my city, find the code for your city: clock_rings.lua copy...
conky extension unix linux
May 03 2011

Lyrics screenlet

Conky by dencer
This screenlet downloads and display synchronized lyrics of music files playing in the audio player. [b]Version 0.7.0 allows to create and upload lyrics to the database (for some time it will be used for testing, but I'll try not to delete anything :P)[/b] Steps to create synchronized...
linux extension conky unix
Mar 30 2011


Conky by nhianho
**** If you like this conky, please vote it up. **** A facebook friend asked me about the conky that displays the calendar and the quotes ( the one on the top-right position of the screen) so I upload it here. To use this conky setup ( if you dont want to change the conky file), you need...
conky extension unix linux
Feb 19 2011

Conky for DeadBeef

Conky by arobase
This is conky for DeadBeef audio player. It displays the album art(if available), track name, artist name, album title, year. [b]Installation instructions:[/b] 1. Download and extract the archive 2. Copy "conky" folder in ~/.config/ 3. Make the scripts executable. Run in terminal: cd...
unix linux extension conky
Sep 22 2010