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Future Conky 2

Conky by mucas
Future Conky V2.1 Conky based on Sysmetrix skin "Future" by Xymantix. To install just move or copy the ".Conky" hidden folder to you user folder. Go to type in your location and press enter. If your location is found and you can see a forecast, copy and keep the...
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Jan 10 2012

NowPlaying (improved)

Conky by brucelee
This is an improved version of NowPlaying. NOTE: The best way to read this is by opening the README and/or ChangeLog files provided with the screenlet. Here the text looks bad because the website doesn't show 2 consecutive space characters. DOWNLOAD: From this page as .tar.gz...
linux unix conky extension
Feb 27 2011

Conky Launchpad

Conky by freeazy
###> HOW TO USE: conky_launchpad is the conky config file, it load all images inside .conkyrc folder. copy .conkyrc folder to your home directory = /home/user/ Optimized for 1366 display resolution, maybe not fit with smaller or higher resolution. ###> EXTRA ICONS: another...
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Nov 12 2010

Folderview Screenlet

Conky by Whise
I had a litle time using kde and one thing i love is the folderview applet, i took Julien Lavergne version made some nasty improvements and here it is... the folderview screenlet [b]you need screenlets 0.1.2[/b]
conky extension unix linux
Aug 06 2010