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Various KDE Stuff by keithhedger
Some eye candy for the holidays, including lights, trees, snowmen, pumpkins, flying sleighs and witches, snow and autumn leaves. This is along the lines of xsnow/xpenguins, and allows you to set themeable decorations on the desktop, you can choose ( at the moment ) either Halloween or Xmas...
linux unix extension kde plasma
May 23 2023

Onedrive KDE Applet

Various KDE Stuff by mauropello
Simple KDE applet to upload and download files from onedrive on linux using the onedrive-abraunegg cli tool.
extension kde linux plasma unix
Oct 26 2022


Various KDE Stuff by kotiara
KDE Service(KDED module) to Auto Set Screen Brightness
auto brightness extension kde kded linux plasma service unix
Jul 24 2022

konsole profile switcher

Various KDE Stuff by skeleton21
this script allows you to change profile on konsole when you open a particular application. installation: 1) download the script 2) marks as "executable" in the properties of the file 3) open the script and insert the application to execute between "## command to execute" (by default there is...
color extension kde konsole linux plasma profile unix
Dec 09 2021

Chromium Activities

Various KDE Stuff by skeleton21
this script allows you to have the same chrome profile open on several different activities with different saved tabs. synchronization is one way and changes to chrome settings made in another activity will not be shared with other instances of chrome. for example: adding a bookmark from the...
activities chrome extension kde kde5 linux plasma plasma5 unix
Dec 08 2021

konsole 1.6 to 2.0 colorscheme updater

Various KDE Stuff by woodrow
Just a little perl script to convert KDE3 Konsole (i.e. versions up to 1.6.6, extension ".schema
extension kde linux plasma unix
Jan 13 2008


Various KDE Stuff by friciwolf
Rocket is an application launcher for KDE Plasma. It sorts all of your applications in a horizontal or vertical grid alphabetically, so you will always find what you are looking for at first glance. No more menu navigation, only scrolling. Features: -- Customizable row and column sizes --...
extension kde kdeplasma launchpad linux menu plasma unix
Jul 23 2021

Sabayon Linux

Various KDE Stuff by lxnay
and Pentium4 without EM64T extensions, VIA C3/C4 and Transmeta Crusoe. SabayonLinux x86 is the most advanced
extension kde linux plasma unix
Sep 21 2006

Sabayon Linux

Various KDE Stuff by lxnay
, Intel Celeron and Pentium4 with EM64T extensions. If you have one of these CPUs, that's the best version
extension kde linux plasma unix
Sep 21 2006

PyDialog [PyQt5] is a new dialog instead kdialog or zenity

Various KDE Stuff by VectoR
My problem was that the kdialog code is still not ported previously to Qt5 and it depends on various Qt4/KDE4 components. The kdialog has big dependency sizes so we made an alternate dialogs like kdialog switches, options (Zenity is too ugly and Gtk based). We would still like full compatibility...
Nov 17 2018