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Display Screen Profile Switcher

Plasma 5 Applets by MakG
Applet for KDE Plasma 5 to switch between display configurations. For example, you can easily switch between single and dual monitor setups or cast screen to TV on demand. How to use? 1. Open plasmoid’s configuration. 2. Click “Create profile from current setup”, edit its name 3. Go to KDE...
display extension kde linux plasma plasma-5 profiles screen unix widget
Nov 01 2020

CircLEDotDisp Conky Clock

Conky by Markospoko
CircLEDotDisp Clock is a clock inspired by large LED displays, for smart people like you who appreciate slick UIs Don't be shy, give it a try, hesitation isn't good for you, trust me, I'm a doctor ;-). I believe in you capability to download and set it up, after all what have you got to lose,...
clock conky desklet display extension linux simple unix
May 07 2018