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branco lucido 1.4

Various Gnome Stuff by enraim
extension gnome linux unix
Feb 26 2011

Faenza-style Linux OS icons 4 "Fortune"

Various Gnome Stuff by sedaTurca
These are Faenza-style Pardus, MeeGo, Linpus and Android-x86 icons for burg theme "Fortune". It is so simple to use them for "burg". In order to install "burg" which is "the grub-alternative graphical bootloader" open a terminal window and add "burg-ppa" by typing: sudo add-apt-repository...
extension gnome linux unix
Feb 13 2011


Various Gnome Stuff by adsicks
Shell script to reset hosed Gnome Panels. gconftool-2 --shutdown rm -rf /home/$HOME/.gconf/apps/panel pkill gnome-panel all in a nice shell script....
extension gnome linux unix
Feb 03 2011

Text 'O' Rama

Various Gnome Stuff by sda123
A lightweight text editor made in illumination software creator (The free trial version). Can make .txt files. :) Feel free to edit the .py file to make a new version of it then post it in a comment below |||| |||| __||||__ / / / / "
extension gnome linux unix
Jan 30 2011

Trancemusic (moc theme)

Various Gnome Stuff by leodelacruz
extension gnome linux unix
Jan 21 2011
96. downloader

Various Gnome Stuff by kedzo
This ruby script automatically download all images from site
extension gnome linux unix
Jan 15 2011

Banshee Concept

Various Gnome Stuff by chichovoto
PLEASE DOWNLOAD FOR HIGH QUALITY Banshee button-a button that contains all the banshee menus e.g. Media,Edit,View,Play,Tools,Help(much like the Opera or Chrome/ium buttons-Opera „Menu“ button and Chrome/ium button(don't know its name). Colors I have used doesn't matter I just picked ran...
extension gnome linux unix
Jan 12 2011

Dark Background For Docks

Various Gnome Stuff by DavidOtero
In Cairo-Dock, right click on the dock and open the advanced configuration editor. In tha "Appearence" section go to background and open this svg.
extension gnome linux unix
Jan 04 2011

Gentoo 22+24 icon for Start Here

Various Gnome Stuff by kazuspara
Gentoo Icon for Faenza-Dark. It has some major distro logos, but no Gentoo (Sabayon neither). I made it just for avoiding another distro logo when I am on Gentoo.
extension gnome linux unix
Dec 03 2010

Debian Glow

Various Gnome Stuff by LunixKing
Modified Glow theme (the one that said Bizcom) for Plymouth on Debian (any distro can use it, but that would be silly). It now says "Debian" with a growing Debian swirl for progress. Its quick and dirty but at least it doesn't say "Bizcom" anymore. I just used Gimp to re-do the graphics. I would...
extension gnome linux unix
Nov 28 2010