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SOHO Explorer

Plasma 4 Extensions by downdiagonal
This plasmoid provides near real time views of the surface and corona of the Sun taken from ESA's and NASA's SOHO spacecraft. There are eight different views to choose from.
extension kde linux plasma plasma-4 unix widget
Oct 08 2009

Luna.svgz Yellow (Full Vector)

Plasma 4 Extensions by jmtodaro
Fully vector artwork for use with the Luna plasmoid. Allows for a realistic, large sized Luna. This is a yellow copy of my standard version created with the help of Gskbyte &...
extension kde linux plasma plasma-4 unix widget
Jun 23 2009

Simple monitor

Plasma 4 Extensions by ndubuit
A simple and compact system monitor for Linux. Displays the history of CPU usage (shown for all CPUs in the system) and used and disk cache memory. Readable even in small size (small panel).
extension kde linux plasma plasma-4 unix widget
Feb 04 2009

QuickLauncher Applet

Plasma 4 Extensions by svenstorp
Reimplements the quicklaunch applet present in kde3.5. Features: - Add icons by specify a .desktop file - Add icons by dragging .desktop files from other locations (desktop and panel doesn't seem to work, KDE4 issue?) - Rearrange icons by dragging them in place - Configurable number of...
extension kde linux plasma plasma-4 unix widget
Nov 15 2008

Tea Cooker

Plasma 4 Extensions by swizec
Tea Cooker is a plasmoid to assist all lovers of tea in the task of steeping tea for just the perfect length of time. Right click on the plasmoid to get a list of teas to steep, stop steeping and such. When tea is done a sound is played through phonon that keeps playing periodically until the...
extension kde linux plasma plasma-4 unix widget
Aug 08 2008

Flash Video Cache Finder

Various Gnome Stuff by marcaemus
Find cached video while watching and without needing downloader extensions. Type moz at a prompt
extension gnome linux unix
Nov 01 2011


Full Icon Themes by Shirakawasuna
! *note: you may need to change the file extension to .tar.gz! Darn deviantart The build script
Jun 13 2007

Let it snow

Plasma 5 Applets by mrwoggle
Let it snow on your desktop! This widget works like an overlay: snow flakes will always be on top and continue to fall, no matter what you are doing! Support: Size, speed, count and style can be changed dynamically Implementation details: Uses special flags of X11 Just QML; no...
addon christmas extension kde linux plasma plasma-5 plasmoid snow unix widget
Nov 25 2020

Wide Conky

Conky by autocrosser1
I really like Coionky Conky & extended it for a full desktop. Full credit to the original author: I hope everyone likes what I've done with it. As usual for any Conky I do....modify any area that you need to make this work on your system. Font, startup...
conky extension linux unix
Oct 08 2017

My Home Conky

Conky by soundrolf
Basic widget for use with Conky This widget draws the Wired Conky interface to display system information
conky extension linux unix
Mar 10 2017