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R-Monitor-SE (Black Label) German

Plasma 4 Extensions by sumashod
Ein kleiner und einfacher Superkaramba-Monitor fuer KDE.
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Apr 30 2014

PonyCountdown Plasma

Plasma 4 Extensions by a1batross
[b]PonyCountdown Plasma v0.2![/b] Using API, I'm made this little plasmoid. Additional to Qt and KDE tools that used in plasmoid: 1) QJson 2) QTimeSpan (included) I don't know, allowed this or not, but donate me to Litecoin address: --...
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Dec 29 2013


Plasma 4 Extensions by mxttie
a plasmoid showing bandwidth usage for Telenet (Belgium) customers binaries are provided by opensuse build service. to build from source: - KDE 4.4+ required - make sure dependencies are installed: libopenssl and libcrypto - unpack source in telemeter-plasmoid - in parent dir: mkdir...
plasma plasma-4 linux kde unix widget extension
Sep 18 2013

Lunar Calendar English

Plasma 4 Extensions by jazzcomm
This is an English version of the Lunar Calendar , previous only in Vietnamese. so now its ready for global use :) Cam on (thanks in Vietnamese) to the original writer of the plasmoid : Dat Phan Quang as I only did some fixes.. This calendar is very useful in farming as plants follow the...
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Aug 17 2013


Plasma 4 Extensions by redhatlinux10
a plasmoid that helps shorten your urls can drag an url text, or an url link in web page , or an url link from web browser address bar onto this plasmoid, then this plasmoid will request the specified online url shortener to generate for you. currently the following URL shortener...
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Jul 25 2013

desKoala - Desktop Tamagotchi

Plasma 4 Extensions by Natureshadow
A tamagotchi-like pet for the desktop. You can seelct between different animals (currently a koala and a kangaroo), feed the animal, heal it when it's ill, take it for a walk... You can even use it for your kids to remind them of brushing their teeth at a defined time ;)! Created by...
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May 18 2013

Babeleo translator

Plasma 4 Extensions by bongoMan
[b]A fast translator and web query plasmoid for KDE[/b] [b][u]Features:[/u][/b] - translates the clipboard contents or submits it to a search engine of your choice simply by clicking on the icon or pressing the keyboard shortcut. The corresponding page gets opened in the standard...
kde plasma plasma-4 linux extension unix widget
May 07 2013

Departure Monitor

Plasma 4 Extensions by Philson
This small plasmoid shows the departures and delays of long-distance trains running on the German rail-network. You can select a station to view the departure board. Data Source: The departure times provided by are used. Information: This...
unix widget kde plasma plasma-4 linux extension
Apr 18 2013

Deutsche Bahn Widget

Plasma 4 Extensions by Robbe91
Small Plasmoid Widget to acess directly Deutsche Bahn mobile website. Code written by Ferenc Nagy
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Mar 29 2013

Dagadu QML

Plasma 4 Extensions by shsetyana
Indonesian: Dagadu Generator adalah plasmoid sederhana yang ditulis dengan QML. Plasmoid ini berguna untuk membalikkan kata-kata dalam bahasa Indonesia atau Jawa. Dagadu artinya Matamu. English: Dagadu Generator is a simple plasmoid written with QML. This plasmoid is useful to reverse words...
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Mar 07 2013