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eventCal (iCal event calendar)

Conky by wolle1
eventCal is a event calendar mod from 'eigenCal' which you will find under: [url][/url] - It will show events from any iCal file. Supported Calendars: Evolution, Sunbird, Google, Golem and more. - It gives many...
linux unix extension conky
Mar 01 2012

Flash vid finder for Browsers

Various Gnome Stuff by marcaemus
Ever wonder where those flash vids went that used to be found in /tmp? Firefox 4 and the newer flash plugin keeps them well hidden. This little script will tell you where to find the video file so you can play it in your fave media player or save it to disk. You need "lsof" installed for this...
gnome extension unix linux
Aug 15 2011

Google Calendar Screenlet

Conky by boamaod
Adds Google Calendar events on your desktop. Supports any amount of different calendars, updates automatically and has many configuration options. Themeable and lightweight. EASY INSTALL FOR UBUNTU 1. If Screenlets PPA is not already enabled on your system, either from software sources...
linux unix extension conky
Nov 29 2010

0.1 Soviet star

GnoMenu Skins by jmsoviet
boton en estrella para gnomenu saludos a todos los camaradas!
gnomenu extension unix menu linux
Dec 02 2010

Jakes World - Customise Ubuntu with AWN.

AWN Themes by J4X0R
My computer Themed Just the way I like it. Currently using Ubuntu 10.10 32bit (x86) ________________________________________ [b]Theme is GTK 2.x[/b] - BlackFate [b]Icons:[/b] AwOken [b]Mouse Pointer (X11):[/b] Pulse Glass [b]Gnomenu:[/b] Blue Menu. [b]AWN Theme:[/b] Lucido AWN Theme -...
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Oct 31 2010

Ambiance & Radiance Docky Themes

Docky Themes by Vortex0965
This is a docky alternative theme to use in Ubuntu 10.04 or Ubuntu 10.10 with the Ambiance and radiance theme. Download the zip file,extract the tar files and then click on Docky install function. Works better with dark background.
linux dock docky extension unix
Sep 28 2010