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HDMI Switcher

Plasma 4 Extensions by ALexN
Uses Pulse Audio pacmd to switch between HDMI audio and any other profile. Usage: 1. Install plasmoid and add it to your desktop 2. Open its settings 3. Choose sound card, default profile and HDMI profile 4. Close settings dialog 5. Switch between choosen profiles by clicking the icon
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Apr 06 2015

Freebox TV

VLC Internet Channels by exebetche
) [b]/![/b] Some browser (Chrome...) may change the file extension for ".txt" instead of ".lua", so make sure you
Sep 11 2014


Plasma 4 Extensions by djustice
DiscBurner ---------- burns discs :) and some other useful disc related functions. eg, formatting, ripping audio -> ogg/mp3/wav. current projects: - audio disc (bin, cd/dvd) - mp3 disc (iso9660, cd/dvd) - data disc (iso9660, cd/dvd) break it and report? plz?
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Mar 06 2013

PTimer - TimeTracker plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions by DmitryK
Time tracking tool for KDE 4.x ✔ Useful task adding ✔ Editing task title ✔ Adding/removing time ✔ Minutes&Seconds and Decimal Time ✔ Redmine integration: loading issue subject, link to issue, link to report time
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Feb 25 2013

Meniny (Slovakian name-day)

Plasma 4 Extensions by LuCKy69
Slovakian name-day plasmoid. Developed and testing on 64b Kubuntu 9.04 base installation (python-2.6, KDE 4.2.2). All errors reports, please write in comments. Report content from konsole: plasmoidviewer meniny Installation from konsole: -CD to directory with downloaded plasmoid...
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Feb 13 2013

Numix Style Shell - GNOME 3.16

Gnome Shell Themes by Marathon2112
.[/i] ------------------------------------- [b]Installation instructions:[/b] *Make sure the User Themes extension is enabled in gnome-tweak-tool
Aug 05 2017

KDE Plasma System Monitor

Plasma 4 Extensions by andrpp76
KDE Plasma System Monitor A simple plasma application, to add on systray, for monitor system resources such as CPU, memory and ethernet. [b]If you like this plasmoid please leave a comment[/b] Thanks.
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Dec 14 2012


Plasma 4 Extensions by djselbeck
[b]This is the first qml based version of this plasmoid. At the moment I do not have the spare time to support it, so I release this "as it is". Sorry but if I have more time I'll continue developing. There is a bug if you move the plasmoid from desktop to taskbar or clockwise. You have to...
linux plasma-4 plasma kde widget unix extension
Nov 12 2012

Notas Seguras

Plasma 4 Extensions by jonathanjhosue
Notas Seguras permite crear pequeñas notas como el plasmoid "notes" pero con el agregado de poder establecer una contraseña para poder visualizarse además de que su contenido se almacena encriptado. Útil para apuntar contraseñas de sitios y poder recordarlas fácilmente, escribir algún mensaje qu...
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May 16 2012

NVidia Device Monitor

Plasma 4 Extensions by uomonero
This is a simple NVidia Device Monitor. It displays card model, temperature and gpu's memory occupation. Proprietary drivers are required. Depends on KDE >= 4.8. The tar file contains a separate folder with the plasma data engine only. I think it's useful for those who want to to write...
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Mar 05 2012