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Notas Seguras

Plasma 4 Extensions by jonathanjhosue
Notas Seguras permite crear pequeñas notas como el plasmoid "notes" pero con el agregado de poder establecer una contraseña para poder visualizarse además de que su contenido se almacena encriptado. Útil para apuntar contraseñas de sitios y poder recordarlas fácilmente, escribir algún mensaje qu...
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May 16 2012

NVidia Device Monitor

Plasma 4 Extensions by uomonero
This is a simple NVidia Device Monitor. It displays card model, temperature and gpu's memory occupation. Proprietary drivers are required. Depends on KDE >= 4.8. The tar file contains a separate folder with the plasma data engine only. I think it's useful for those who want to to write...
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Mar 05 2012

Simple NVidia Info v2

Plasma 4 Extensions by patkoscsaba
This is version 2 for the Simple NVidia Info plasmoid. I added an analog meter and the temperature is displayed with nice big fonts. It is completely rewritten in Ruby and thus it DEPENDS ON RUBY SCRIPT ENGINE. Unfortunately there is no Ruby dependency for plasmoid script when uploading one,...
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Dec 28 2011

Jmeniny (Czechian name-Day)

Plasma 4 Extensions by LuCKy69
Remake from Meniny (Slovakian name-Day). Thank You marvil. Original:
extension unix widget kde plasma plasma-4 linux
Oct 25 2011

QuickAccess for KDE SC 4.5+

Plasma 4 Extensions by janet
=================================== Alas for me this is a dead horse... I like it a lot but do not have the skills to keep it alive... =================================== Next maintenance fork of the QuickAccess widget, patched for use with KDE SC 4.5+ First of all: I have no - I...
kde plasma plasma-4 linux unix widget extension
Jul 29 2011

Bitcoin chart

Plasma 4 Extensions by AlexandrSky
Simple chart for Bitcoins on Donations in Bitcoins are welcome: 1E9CbqNv6qZqsSssJPUQxEvyRYjqsMc7vW [b]Installation:[/b] Download the zip file, and type: plasmapkg -i Then the plasmoid should be available when you select "Add new widgets"...
linux plasma-4 plasma kde extension widget unix
Jun 24 2011

Show Desktop Grid

Plasma 4 Extensions by furmannmarton
[b]Shows the plasma desktop grid[/b] Desktop effects + Desktop grid must be enabled. [b]Installation:[/b] Download the zip file, and type: plasmapkg -i show-desktop-grid.plasmoid Then the plasmoid should be available in "Add new widgets" from the desktop or the panel. (Remove:...
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Jun 13 2011

Lernu Dictionary

Plasma 4 Extensions by simakazi
[b]Introducation[/b] Lernu Dictionary is a Plasma widget that helps you to translate words from Esperanto to more than 38 national languages and vice versa. It`s using [url][/url]`s dictionaries. The logo and dictionary are used with permission, this program is NOT an official...
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Mar 16 2011


Plasma 4 Extensions by binro
I fixed up the build so it compiles under KDE 4.5.x and added a tool-tip. It seems to work well and is configurable unlike the system supplied applet.
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Dec 09 2010

Peg Me

Plasma 4 Extensions by samsakhare
Try to clear the board by jumping pegs over other pegs. Just click on the peg you wish to move. The "jumped" peg will be removed from the field. If there's more than one move available, just choose which move you would like to do. You win by getting it down to just one peg. (The best solution is...
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Nov 25 2010