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Plasma 4 Extensions by lunimare
KVG(Kde Video Gif) Is a player of animate gif and music. This version of the player "IS ONLY FOR ADULTS". Displays dancing girls from But you can drag and drop any gif or music of your choice. Depends: Superkaramba and Sox. To install, unzip the file in the home and run the...
extension kde linux plasma plasma-4 unix widget
May 25 2012


Plasma 4 Extensions by Amine27
Mawakit is a prayer times plasmoid that plays the Islamic Adhan when it is time for prayer. Designed to be simple and elegant, Mawakit shows a countdown until the next prayer in a nice tooltip.
extension kde linux plasma plasma-4 unix widget
Aug 28 2011

Humanist Quote Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions by patcito
Quotes from
extension kde linux plasma plasma-4 unix widget
Dec 29 2009

History Bars

Sysmon Applet Designs by kdecommunity
Sensor history is displayed as a series of moving bars. Multiple sensors are stacked on top of each other.
bar chart extension face history kde linux plasma steam unix
Apr 30 2021

Digital Gauge

Sysmon Applet Designs by mart
A face for the new system monitor plasmoid (and for the new Plasma Systemmonitor app) that shows a gauge made of glowing digital segments with a somewhat 80's look and feel.
extension kde linux plasma unix
Nov 17 2020

Prime Select

Plasma 5 Monitoring by franciscot
A Plasma 5 applet to switch between your intel integrated or discrete nvidia graphic cards, using Prime-select from Canonical. The widget was made to be activated in the system tray, but you can use it in other parts of the desktop. You can use it with Kubuntu or Kde Neon. Icons are based...
extension gpu intel kde linux monitoring nvidia plasma plasma-5 plasma5 prime unix widget
Apr 18 2021


Plasma 5 Applets by ruiguilherme
A fork from for This is a very simple widget for KDE Plasma to get status Nvidia GPU, switch using optimus-manager, get processes that are using the GPU and you can reload or close these...
extension kde linux manager nvidia optimus plasma plasma-5 unix widget
Feb 19 2021

Weekday Grid

Plasma 5 Calendars by marcinorlowski
Weekday is a small widget for KDE that shows what the day is today in context of whole week by rendering small horizontal 7 cells grid, one for each week day and visually distinguishing day of today with past and future week days. >---->>>> PLEASE use to request new features or...
calendar extension kde linux plasma plasma-5 plasmoid unix weekday widget
Feb 01 2021


Plasma 5 Applets by librehat
SpanishDict on your desktop. Translate English to Spanish or Spanish to English. Powered by pure QML and JavaScript. Runtime Requirement: Qt >= 5.12
dictionary extension kde linux plasma plasma-5 spanish translator unix widget
Oct 18 2020

Day of week

Plasma 5 Calendars by kdea
only have to rename it to a .zip extension, and then unzip it: [i] mv day_of_week.plasmoid
calendar extension kde linux plasma plasma-5 unix widget
Sep 27 2015