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Plasma 4 Extensions by lokster
Display the KDE Places menu in a pop-up plasma widget This plasmoid is part of the USU Linux project:
extension widget unix linux plasma-4 plasma kde
Nov 29 2011


Plasma 4 Extensions by aalexander
Plasmoid for KDE Google URL Shortener at is used by Google products to create short URLs that can be easily shared, tweeted, or emailed to friends.
kde plasma plasma-4 linux extension unix widget
Apr 04 2011

Stock charts

Plasma 4 Extensions by bravenec
Displays stock quotes on your plasma enabled desktop as a candlesticks charts. Volume is shown as bars under candlesticks chart. There are shown relative values of volume. You can write your own JavaScript code to show your trading signals in chart. Stock quotes are downloaded from...
linux plasma-4 plasma kde widget unix extension
Jan 12 2011

Album Cover Viewer

Plasma 4 Extensions by emilsedgh
Its a simple nowplaying widgets which shows the currently playing song's album cover. Its written is Javascript so you wont need any binding to run it. Its being tested on KDE 4.5.
widget unix linux plasma-4 plasma kde extension
Dec 09 2010


Plasma 4 Extensions by ibuscher
A friendly (yet very simple-minded) Kodama wandering on your desktop
extension widget unix linux plasma-4 plasma kde
Nov 18 2010

Kood Morning

Plasma 4 Extensions by DeepDiver
The idea was to have a plasmoid to show the status of my home network server and in case to start it using wake-on-lan. The status is evaluated on basis of ping, which is executed every 5 secs. Currently this value is not configurable. Currently there is also no way to stop the plasmoid...
linux plasma-4 plasma kde extension widget unix
Nov 15 2010

Konsole Applet

Plasma 4 Extensions by yyjhao
A Konsole plasmoid applet that can dock into your panel. I made it because I need it. Use the same idea as But it offers far less features(doesn't support tabs or saving size etc) May add in new features if I have time ;P Or just...
extension widget unix linux plasma-4 plasma kde
Nov 06 2010

Magic Folder

Plasma 4 Extensions by bizzl
A widget that sorts files dropped onto it into the users personal file system, following custom made rules.
extension unix widget plasma plasma-4 kde linux
Jul 23 2010

WiFi wireless signal strength in panel

Plasma 4 Extensions by raffaele181188
[b]WiFi Plasmoid[/b] [b]Please, remember to install the dataengine before (see instructions below)[/b] This applet shows an icon representing wireless signal strength from your wlan interface. Hovered, it also displays pieces of useful information such as your IP, gateway/access point...
linux plasma-4 plasma kde extension widget unix
Apr 09 2010


Plasma 4 Extensions by blackhat77
# # Copyright (C) 2009 Nicola Degara # # This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify # it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2, # or (at your option) any later version, as published by the Free # Software Foundation # # This...
extension widget unix linux plasma-4 plasma kde
Nov 10 2009