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Plasma 4 Extensions by melongex
This plasmoid is for Dota 2 players. It shows informations of your last Dota 2 matches on your desktop. You need the following to get the plasmoid working: * Share your match history in Dota 2 (obviously) * Find your steam id ( ) * Generate...
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Mar 03 2015

Regexp Searcher

Plasma 4 Extensions by softlibre
Using a wget or curl command, you can retrieve a webpage and save it under the file ~/.regexpsearcher_web. Then, the downloaded content is searched for regexp matches. This is useful for checking if some specific content has been published on a web page everytime your machine turns on or...
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Mar 02 2015

CPU temperature meter

Plasma 4 Extensions by hipersayanx
A simple CPU temperature meter plasmoid written in QML. Ported from
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Feb 21 2015


Plasma 4 Extensions by federicodesktop
Author: Federico Vaga This is a KDE plasmoid for the Toggl[1] web service. You can find the the source code repository on github at the following address: INSTALLATION ------------ All the package management can be done with the project...
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Feb 16 2015


Plasma 4 Extensions by javierllorente
Plasmoide para consultar el diccionario castellano de la RAE Plasmoid for looking up the Castilian RAE dictionary -- La versión de escritorio (qRAE) está disponible en The desktop version (qRAE) is available at
extension plasma plasma-4 linux kde unix widget
Feb 12 2015


Plasma 4 Extensions by alonbl
Sysfs Battery Monitor Plasma Widget, No need for upower/systemd and such, a simple widget to sample battery. Install to user home using: $ plasmapkg -i kbatsysfs-VERSION.plasmoid
extension widget unix linux plasma-4 plasma kde
Jan 01 2015

Simple Shutdown Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions by matafleur
This is a simple shutdown KDE plasmoid which raises shutdown popup when clicked. *** Installing *** plasmapkg -i *** Licence *** Copylefted by GPL v3 *** Who am i ? *** Mehmet Özgür B...
unix widget kde plasma plasma-4 linux extension
Dec 28 2014

Boinc Monitor

Plasma 4 Extensions by m4x1m
Boinc Monitor is a plasmoid written in python that allows you to monitor the activities of BOINC directly on your desktop. The applet shows the progress work of each workunit with reference to the project, to the name, to the percentage of the work done and to the time elapsed and remained. Also...
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Dec 07 2014

Play Control

Plasma 4 Extensions by panzi
This is a tiny plasmoid that can control media players using the mpris DBus API (including some workarounds for broken media players). With this you can assign global hotkeys for media player actions (toggle play/pause, next song, previous song, stop, ...) and the shortcuts will control...
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Dec 03 2014


Plasma 4 Extensions by trifling
thermal-plasma4 is a highly configurable KDE 4.x plasma applet that displays processor (CPU), hard disk drive (HDD) and NVIDIA graphics card temperatures in a simple and effective way. Requirements: - for CPU support: lm-sensors - for HDD support: hddtemp daemon installed and running -...
kde plasma-4 plasma linux widget unix extension
Dec 03 2014