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RuneScape Client Linux Installer

Various Gnome Stuff by agentkiller4
This package contains the files needed to install a native version of the RuneScape Official client that was released as open source originally for m$ w1nd0wz. This client is completely independent of browser plugins and their failures, as many linux users have broken icedtea java...
extension gnome linux unix
Feb 22 2011

Dive (Theme for Chromium/Chrome)

Various Gnome Stuff by x11tete11x
Dive, is a theme created by me, for Chromium/Chrome, is simple and rustic, but looks good with Divergence IV theme Sorry, I speak little English u.U Divergence IV:
extension gnome linux unix
Feb 15 2011

Modern Debian Brand

Various Gnome Stuff by sebagmz
I am designing a entire new branding for Debian, including visual guidelines, color palette, etc, for a more stylized and modern feel. For example, there is a differential logo specific for use in developer's events and their...
extension gnome linux unix
Jan 15 2011

Orta window button applet theme

Various Gnome Stuff by popefalstaff
I've just renamed metacity files to match window button applet naming schema. All credit to Orta theme creator(s). Simply extract file and place the "orta" folder in the bellow directory: /usr/share/windowbuttons/themes/ Needs user privileges so just gksu nautilus in terminal. In...
extension gnome linux unix
Jan 13 2011


Various Gnome Stuff by metallicwolf
ENG: theme for guifications plugin for Pidgin. The archive is a Russian and English versions, the same, and installation instructions. RUS: тема для плагина guifications для Pidgin. В архиве находится русская и английская версии, там же и инструкция по установке....
extension gnome linux unix
Jan 10 2011

GNOMErunner for Mozilla Seamonkey 2.0a

Various Gnome Stuff by mld
For anyone interested here's some early steps of GNOMErunner, a suiterunner/seamonkey 2 theme using the GTK+ stock items and icons from the gnome iconset, resulting in a more consistent desktop integration on Unix. Just like the Firefox 3 default skin, changing the GTK theme and/or iconset on...
extension gnome linux unix
Jan 05 2011


Various Gnome Stuff by xeik
just my simple desktop with a different configuration because of the 16:9 format in my 24' monitor. I don't like the stretched windows for browsing the net so I'm trying to maximise the vertical with for the main window. using: pidgin and simple weather screenlets coverglobus awn faenza...
extension gnome linux unix
Dec 14 2010

Ubuntu Humunity

Various Gnome Stuff by noobilus
Maybe it's me but I really don't like the OS X type themes out there or anything "light" and "shiny". I think the default Ubuntu Humanity theme is nice but it just needs some tweaking. What I did was change the toolbar background and got the monoblin icon theme from "Picklesworth" on ubuntu...
extension gnome linux unix
Dec 13 2010

Clearlooks Chrome Theme

Various Gnome Stuff by johonunu
Clearlooks theme for Google Chrome.
extension gnome linux unix
Nov 22 2010

Radio España para Rhythmbox

Various Gnome Stuff by mellinas314
Añadir más de 20 emisoras de españa a Rhythmbox. Add Spain Radio to Rhytmbox Complete list: - Ace FM - Activa Fm - Amc Radio 5 - Cadena 100 - Cadena Cope - Cadena Digital - Cadena SER - Canal Fiesta Radio - Canal Sur Radio - Capital Radio - Catalunya Radio - Central FM - Ch...
extension gnome linux unix
Oct 24 2010