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Eee plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions by cfraz89
This is a simple applet for monitoring and controlling the state of the EeePC's peripherals: -Card Reader -Webcam -Wireless -Bluetooth This is mainly useful to save battery power, eg by turning off the radios when they're not used. Complete with nice little tooltips. Simply click on...
extension widget unix linux plasma-4 plasma kde
Jul 05 2009


Plasma 4 Extensions by grissiom
This is a plasmoid that only display the CPU frequency. It's mostly inspired by "ruby-cpufreq" but simpler. It is better to add to a panel that can inform you about cpu frequency conveniently. If you want cpu scaling, try powerdevil, it's more powerful. Install: plasmapkg -i...
extension widget unix linux plasma-4 plasma kde
Mar 19 2009


Various Plasma 5 Improvements by dangvd
KSmoothDock is a cool desktop panel with parabolic zooming effect for KDE Plasma 5, with the focus on smooth zooming effect and being simple and easy to use. KSmoothDock is written in C++ and depends on Qt 5 and KDE Frameworks 5. For more information, please visit KSmoothDock's homepage:...
extension dock desktop plasma plasma-5 panel linux kde unix
Dec 23 2019

Media Controller Compact

Plasma 5 Applets by bkueng
Simple media controller plasmoid that fits into a panel and shows the currently playing song and artist. It is based on the original Media Controller Plasmoid and thus supports the same players. If changing the volume does not work, try to use the following command: pactl set-sink-volume 0...
widget unix extension kde plasma-5 plasma linux
Mar 19 2019

victor conky

Conky by victorbit
A powerful and useful widget that anyone should test it. This widget shows clock and date, temperature, CPU usage percentage, RAM usage and so on. This widget is published in three different sizes. Hope to enjoy and be useful This conky has three sizes for your usage and two type for arch...
gnomeconky extension archlinux conky unix victorbit victorconky linux
Jan 31 2019

Dock And TopBar

Latte Layouts by Psifidotos
A layout with a bottom transparent dock and a top bar which uses Dynamic Background and automatic coloring in case you are using Latte from master External Applets (please add them): - Active Window Control from: - Weather...
top unix dock extension kde parabolic linux latte layout
Mar 10 2018

Infinity Conky

Conky by reveng
Conky Theme Theme : Infinity Version : 1.0 Created by : Me [b]Depends on Conky 1.8.0[/b] Bottom Dock : Avant Window Navigator Desktop theme : Mint-X-icons Icon Theme : Mint-X-theme Download The File and See ReadMe.txt for Installation Instructions Updated the .conkyrc theme as u...
conky extension linux unix
Aug 02 2016

SysMon plasmoid

Plasma 5 Monitoring by burlog
The sysmon plasmoid is based on KDE standard system load plasmoids which are constrained to some chosen metrics like CPU load. In contrast, the sysmon can show any metric provided by the System Monitor data source engine. Installation is pretty simple and straight forward: $ git clone...
unix widget plasma plasma-5 kde linux monitoring extension
Nov 30 2017


Plasma 5 Applets by lipido
A Plasma port of Argos ( and BitBar ( plugins to fast create custom plasmoids. More info and instructions at:
extension linux kde plasma-5 plasma unix widget
Jul 21 2017


Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by thomas12777
A rudimentary nested Windowmanager, tiling clients vertically, horizontally or a row or column oriented grid. NOTICE: This is NOT intended as full featured windowmanager (tiling or not), but as sidearm to combine some windows in one. It will work with most windowmanagers, for KWin you...
extension unix kde linux plasma
Nov 07 2013